nursing-braTraveling while breastfeeding can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first baby. As a mom to three, I can admit I was burned out on nursing bras. I had deemed them a waste of money and was utilizing a regular bra, tank top, and cardigan. I would yank down the bra strap and tank strap, take my arm out put it back in the cardigan and Voila, access and coverage. When I was contacted by Ameda (owned by Evenflo) to test out their new nursing bra I was skeptically optimistic. I didn’t think that I would change my mind but Ameda has such a great reputation for pumps and other nursing mother accessories that I was excited.
The bra arrived and went on it’s first trip to Montreal with us. I love this bra. That’s all there is to it. I haven’t loved a bra so much since the days when I was child-free, slept in and wore underwear and bras that matched. The Ameda nursing bra has a few key features:

* The sides stretch with the mother. I found the bra to be very true to the sizing chart. The side panels have a “woven” look to them and the bra fits like a second skin. It moved with me through days of chasing a toddler, nursing a baby, and walking around a hilly city.

* The material is designed to be free of harmful substances to reduce allergies in both the baby and the mother. In addition, the microfiber helps prevent bacteria and odors. I tested this bra under the worst conditions. The baby was strapped in the Ergo to me, we were hoofing it all over town and walked miles each day. When I removed the Ergo my shirt was all sweaty from the baby’s body but the bra was miraculously dry and not smelly (unlike me).

The main reason why this bra is so great for traveling though is twofold.

First, the bra snaps open to feed in one motion with one hand. There is no hook. It’s more intuitive than that. You just slide your finger under the clasp and push outward and it opens. The nursing hole openings are the perfect size. The breast still has support, but they’re big enough for pump flanges if you’re traveling without baby.

Second, the fabric is super easy to wash on the go. Part of the packing pains of traveling with a new baby is the knowledge that you will a) leak or b) be spit up on. These two reasons usually have be packing multiple bras. With the Ameda nursing bra you could wash it out in the sink with a Tide packet, hang it to dry, and have it ready to go in the morning. As a bonus, my daughter velcro’d a bib to it. The velcro didn’t pill the fabric when I took it off! Yippee!

The two minor “room for improvement” areas that I discovered were that the middle of the bra doesn’t dip into a V the way most bras do so it poked above the top of my cowl neck shirt and one of my v tank tops. Just pick shirts that don’t have deep necklines and you’ll be good. Also, the bra is super comfortable but you do need to wear pads with it if you leak at all otherwise it will go directly through to your shirt and quickly. I wrote a tutorial on making homemade nursing pads or Ameda sells them as well.  The bra is available in cup sizes A-J and costs $39.99.

Disclosure: I was provided with a bra for the purposes of writing a review. The opinions are my own and I can tell you that as soon as the black version of this bra is released I will be purchasing one!

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