vestsI was recently on a flight where I saw a poor mom trying to juggle her infant, her toddler, and all the usual paraphernalia that a flying mom is used to juggling. As I saw her dropping a half dozen things and trying to navigate the aisles of the plane with car seats and kids in tow, I felt almost guilty wearing my Magellan’s Travel Vest, my newest and best kept secret for travel ease with kids.

I felt almost guilty knowing I had snack a second carry-on without her, TSA, or anyone else even knowing thanks to my new- found little travel vest. And as I sat there composed and organized (and stylish) with my novel, snacks, money, ID, maps, camera, pen and paper and a dozen other goodies neatly stowed away in secret, on my person, I felt even guiltier.

My Magellan’s Travel Vest features five exterior pockets and three interior ones. It’s TSA-proof and has become my new traveling buddy, because it’s stylish as well as functional.

A travel vest is a great idea for any traveling mom who wants to simplify the airline luggage process and save money not checking bags. TSA and airlines do not consider travel clothing to be a carry-on bag, and they are not subject to the “one carry-on” rule.

I find Travel Vests perfect for a day outing to a theme park because they free up hands and keep valuables safe at hand.

Magellan’s Travel Vests come in four colors. I chose Terra Cotta and it goes with most everything I wear. I really like the color. They are super-light and wash and dry in a jiffy.

The next time you travel or take a day trip to a rodeo, carnival, festival or even a day shopping trip with the kids, try a travel vest. You’ll be safe, comfortable, and yes, even stylin’.