Zeepo-maskOne thing that can be uncomfortable when you go on a long plane ride, road trip or bus trip, is sleeping. This happens mainly because, even at night, there are lights, people using a computer and other things that might disturb you. That is why travel masks are such an important travel necessity.

Searching on the internet, looking for a sleep mask that would be practical to take on a trip I came across Zeepo. It is a sleep mask that comes with hypo-allergenic FDA-approved adhesive strips instead of elastic straps. I thought it was an interesting idea so I decided to get it.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging; it is very thin and light, easy to put in a suitcase.

This is what the sleep mask starter kit comes with:

  • Zeepo Sleep Mask
  • 36 Adhesive Strips
  • Instruction Sheet


The way it works: It is very simple, you take your mask, and stick the adhesive strips on it, then you just put it on your face however you feel comfortable. The instruction sheet says that you can use just two, four or six strips. To block out light completely you will have to use six. 

4I tried using two, and then four, but the light would still sneak in. It was until I tried six that is successfully blocked all light.

My Take on It:

The material it is made off is really soft and can be easily washed.

I was a bit skeptical about whether it would stay on for a long time, but it did. It sticks on really firmly on the skin. At the same time it doesn’t hurt when you take it off and it doesn’t leave adhesive residues on the skin.

Since I had to use 6 strips to completely seal it on my face, the starter kit lasted me only 6 days. And the fact that you have to keep repurchasing the strips made it inconvenient for me. Maybe if the strips where a bit longer you wouldn’t need to use as many.

Where to buy it:

To get this mask and the strips you can go to the Zeepo’s Website to shop for it.