snuza trio audioMonitoring a baby is hard work, especially if you know they’re of the age where they’re apt to get into trouble when you’re getting a drink of water or trying to grab that much needed bathroom break—and especially that much needed nap. And baby monitors can be somewhat clumsy and cumbersome to install, and are often not portable.

I was delighted therefore, when Snuza sent me a sample of its chic and extremely efficient Trio Video Monitor to review

But first, to put things in perspective, let’s look at the various kinds of Snuza monitors available:

          The Snuza Go (this is the basic monitor, $99)


          Snuza Hero (this makes sure movement is maintained and an alarm sounds if baby doesn’t move—this is the one to use if you want to monitor your baby’s movements during the day, or are afraid of SIDS; formerly known as HALO; $125);

          The Snuza Audio (you can speak comforting sounds into this monitor, and talk to the baby up to 300m and 50m indoors; it also has a parent talk back function, but you cannot see your child; )

          The Snuza Trio Audio Video (this is the one I reviewed, and is the latest addition to the Snuza family, $299)

Review of the Snuza Video

The Snuza Trio Audio Video monitor comes in two parts: the actual camera, which looks like a cute robot and is about the size of a tennis ball. Then there’s the handheld monitor, which has a 2.4” clear display panel and gives you the ability to rest it on any surface to see what’s going on. The most beautiful thing? The two parts are completely separate and wireless, which gives you the ability to position the camera and monitor just about anywhere in the house, up to 200 feet, give or take. It is also battery operated and is perfect for the night as well because it has automatic night vision.

For a traveling mom like me, this gives me immense peace of mind in case I’m traveling solo and want to see what’s going on with my baby in the back seat of the car. I often use the Snuza when my daughter is sleeping in her crib, and I’m snacking in the kitchen. Often, I can get completely comfy and work in peace at the dinner table, knowing very well that I can monitor every move the baby makes even though I’m a few rooms away.

The reception is very clear, and I can hear her cry or laugh without any issues. You can even hear that precious baby coo and whimper. But that’s not my favorite part!

My absolutely favorite part is the Snuza’s ability to play lullaby music at the touch of a button. Once I click the music button, the Snuza monitor emits a beautiful tune, and baby can listen to music that seemingly comes out of thin air. The music is also nothing rinky dinky: it’s got a beautiful bell-like tone to it, and is very soothing. The Snuza Video comes with three lullaby tunes and both you and baby can hear the tune too, because the tune plays through the monitor as well! It also has a two way microphone so you can talk to your baby from far away.

Shall we say win, win?

My little one is now rolling around from side to side, and although I’ve not worried about SIDS, I am starting to. So the Snuza gives me great peace of mind.

Priced at $299, the Video is a steal based on the features you get. Plus, the two parts are very easy to travel with because they’re very light. The battery also lasts a long time (mine lasted a few months before I needed to change them).

Peace of mind is a truly beautiful thing.