EkobrewThere is nothing more disruptive in the wee hours of the morning than realizing that the hotel brewer doesn’t work, or worse they serve some no name swill that was roasted 10 years ago and has been sitting on a shelf. I used to go without (a travesty since I actually work in the coffee industry). Now with more and more hotels putting in Keurig brewers and more folks buying them for home, a company named Ekobrew has released a product that I can actually get behind!Over the years there have been multiple attempts at creating a reusable K-Cup and while I applauded the cost savings per cup of these products I questioned the actual execution. The Ekobrew is different though. Namely, because like a coffee brewer it has a sprayhead! Not only does the coffee cost less per serving but it actually tasted better than a plastic pre-packaged K-Cup because the water is hitting all of the coffee rather than dribbling through a pin sized hole. 
If you travel regularly for work, enjoy a good cup of coffee at home, or can’t function without your morning coffee (like my husband) you should consider picking up one. I have one in my suitcase along with a small emergency bag of coffee! Please note: I was not asked to write this post, nor is it sponsored. I just had the opportunity to check out an Ekobrew k cup at my local coffeeshop and I love it. To find one near you visit www.ekobrew.com . 
Nasreen Stump is a freelance writer who lives in Vermont, when she isn’t on the road for work. Check her out on Twitter @ramblingstump!