chibi_silver_necklace_with_topaz_watercolor-150x150It’s no secret that I love handmade jewelry; I love the story behind it, I love knowing that someone perfected my piece just for me, and I love that no one else has one just like it.When I found Jizo and Chibi handmade jewelry, art and sculptures, I was in love.  The pieces were so unique and unlike anything else I had ever seen, but it was the history of the art that made me so excited.  Because I am a mom that loves to travel, the story of Jizo and Chibi was especially dear to me.

Chibi means “the little one” in Japanese and is typically in reference to children, but can mean your inner child as well.  The Jizo and Chibi site gives a brief account of Jizo’s 2500 year old history and why he has inspired years of art and musing for centuries. Jizo was one of the four principal bodhisattvas and upon his enlightenment, he pledged to remain on earth until every soul was finished suffering.  While Jizo was said to protect all people, he is revered as the “St. Christopher of Buddhism” and specifically the protector of children, women and travelers, which makes his story especially poignant to me. 

There are many renderings on the Jizo and Chibi site that show the relationship between the two as well as each portrayed separately in their own pieces.  In paintings, statues and even books and toys, the stories of Jizo and Chibi are told by talented artists in Los Angeles and packaged in a cute little box to be shipped directly to you or a loved one.    

JizoMy absolute favorite pieces are the Jizo and Chibi handmade jewelry, which ranges from intricate to abstract and comes in various finishes and sizes to suit any jewelry taste.  I fell in love with the silver Chibi necklace, which is an abstract Chibi design that floats around the necklace and moves as you wear it to remind me of my children when I am away.  While the Chibi moves along the chain, it flips and turns, sometimes hanging by an arm, leg, sitting upright or even completely upside down.  Each movement has its own meaning and is said to signify a different expression from engaged to restful. 


If you are a traveler like me, you might like all the Jizo necklaces and pendants as well, so you can have a peaceful little friend to protect you on all of your travels.  Elegant and beautiful, you are sure to get compliments wherever you go! to view the collection of art, jewelry and gifts.