SesameWorkshopSesame Street has created a vast array of tools to help military children deal with military life, especially deployments.  

Deployment DVD

I have found the video they created, Talk, Listen, Connect; to be the most useful tool for my toddler.  You can download the video for free to an ipad, watch it on their website, or you can get a copy for free at a military installation.  The video can be seen in English or Spanish. You will also find other videos they have created for military families on their site.

Extensive Online Resources

Their website also has printable materials for kids and their caregivers. These include activities for your child to create something special to send to their deployed parent, as well as, activities for the child to talk about their feelings.

If you are unable to get a hard copy of the DVD at a military installation, you can find everything that came with it online. You will have access to all the guides and how to materials, allowing you to fully utilize the videos. Also on the website is advice for parents, like not letting your child watch the news.

Staying Connected

Military Families Near and Far is a bilingual website Sesame Street and The Electric Company help create specifically for keeping the families connected during deployment. Not only do they have a section for toddlers, but there’s a section for older children and one for the whole family. Your child can create a card, picture; make music, or recording of themselves to send to their parent. For the older children there is a place they can keep a journal.

USO Tour

Sesame Street will be touring with the USO starting in April 2012. They will travel to various military installations throughout the United States. During these free shows Elmo and his friends will help their military friend, Katie, as she goes through the relocation experience.

Tablet and Cell phone tools

Feel Electric! is Sesame Street’s and The Electric Company’s app designed for military kids to explore their emotions through an engaging game.