Traveling with young kids requires bringing along the right gear to make sure they are properly accommodated. One thing most parents always make sure they have in the stroller – not only does it keep little legs from getting to tired but it is also a great place to store stuff for you and the kids. Strollers have got even more fancy over the years but there are some accessories you can add to basic models to make them even more functional.

stroller accessories for travel

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There are so many AMAZING travel accessories and gadgets for parents to pick up these days. Whether you have plans to hit up a theme park or lay low at Myrtle Beach, these 3 stroller add-ons are a must own for the family on the go.

You already own the perfect stroller… now it’s time to accessorize!

Stroller Accessory #1Hold On Handles holdonhandles

Hold on Handles is a simple solution to keep your children at arm’s length of your stroller. When toddlers no longer want to stay seated in their stroller, you have to come up with something creative to keep them from bolting off. This is the product that will save you!


Comes in a variety of designs to entice every child. This product also works well with shopping carts.

Stroller Accessory #2Buggy Guard

Buggy Guard is a retractable stroller lock that will secure your stroller and give you peace of mind. Most amusement parks won’t let you bring your stroller everywhere these days so this is a great way to give you peace of mind when you’re in the lines. Those designated parking locations are GREAT but are also really out of your sight. The Buggy Guard allows you to enter a 3-digit combination and LOCK your stroller wherever you like.

Comes in a variety of designs. $24.95

what are you favorite stroller accessories?

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Stroller Accessory #3Cooler Bag

One of the priciest things to do at a theme park is eat and drink. A bottle of water for $3.50? You have to be kidding me! Next time you decide to pack up your kids and hit up a Disney park – consider bringing along a cooler bag. The one linked here is from Baby Jogger and straps onto the bottom of your stroller. Keep your drinks and snacks cool and avoid those never-ending lines at the concession stand. This is also a great solution when you need to bring allergy-friendly snacks for someone in your family to make sure everyone has something to eat.


What do you think of these stroller accessories? Are they helpful?What stroller accessories do you own that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!