The annual Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, in Las Vegas showcases all kinds of new technology products. Once again this year, Lenovo was there, debuting products that have just come out or are about to be released for sale. Lenovo is a Chinese multinational computer technology company. This year, once again, the products display thoughtful design, with unique features that make them stand apart from everything else on the market and more fun to use. Here are three of our favorites from among the Lenovo products showcased this year.

3 Cool Lenovo Products for 2016

Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510S

ideacentre AIO 510S

Coming out in June 2016 is the all-in-one desktop, ideacentre AIO 510S. The monitor features a razor-thin bezel on 23″ display with optional touchscreen. The monitor is frameless. That means you can get a panoramic viewing experience if you connect multiple monitors together. Also, you can see your travel photos clearly and edit them better.

Unlike many Lenovo computers, this one does not have the camera at the top. Instead the camera has been moved to the bottom in a front hideaway port, along with two USB ports and two mics. The benefit of having the camera and mics at the bottom is the clarity you will experience when you are Skyping. Just think how nice it is to be able to hear the other person clearly when they are deployed or off traveling the world. This computer will start at $699.Compensation or product exchange disclosure

Lenovo LINK

photo credit: Lenovo


Link solves the problem of having to go back and forth between your computer and cell phone. Instead of having to switch back and forth, you use Link to connect the phone to your computer and a screen pops up that mirrors your phone. I can totally picture myself working at an airport and being able to leave my phone in my purse while it’s connected to my laptop. I do not like having to get out a bunch of stuff to work when I’m at the airport. Lenovo’s Link will be available sometime during the summer of 2016. We love it because Link makes it easy to:

  • Save travel photos from your phone onto Link and free up room on your phone.
  • Play music off your phone
  • Watch a video on a larger screen
  • Type with the comfort of a laptop keyboard
  • View multiple documents side by side on a single screen.

The only issue with Link is that it is only for Android, meaning all of us with iPhones will not be able to use it.


Link by Lenovo – photo credit: Meagan Shamy








N700 Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse and Laser Pointer

YOGA Mouse

Yoga Mouse by Lenovo – photo credit: Lenovo

The N700 Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse is Lenovo’s newest mouse. It had a new unique twist: It doubles as a remote control for a presentation. That means you don’t have to pack another device when you travel. The mouse is compact and easily portable. We are always a fan of any product that can double as another product when it comes to traveling and packing.

  • Transforms to easily slide into your pocket.
  • Touch scrolling and Windows 8.1 gesture controls.
  • Switchable Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.
  • Dual-function to easily switch from mouse to pointer
  • Dual wireless connectivity to freely switch between BT and 2.4G networks
  • Touch sensitive bar that recognizes one-finger gestures –perfectly optimized for Win 8.1

For more in-depth info on each of these products check out this video.



photo credit: Lenovo