This gift guide is for anyone buying gifts for men who love to travel. They are products the men can take with them. As well as products that stay at home and work well for someone who may not be there all the time. If you are wondering what in the world you will get the man in your life, check out 25 of the best travel gifts for men, all used and recommended by TravelingMoms and TravelingDads.

My husband loves these travel gifts for men. And he's hard to buy for!

My husband is one of the hardest people to buy for, but all these gifts are winners to him! Photo: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

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Best Travel Gifts for Him

Travel gifts for men are not easy to find. Men are hard to shop for, in my opinion. They don’t get excited about a lot of things. However, a good trip can send even the most bland man into a tizzy. If that’s a man on your list, have I got some amazing travel gifts for you, all of them approved by my hard-to-buy-for husband!

Check out 25 of the best travel gifts for men. From technology that fits in the palm of his hand to socks and underwear that will make his feel as cool as he looks, there's something for everyone.

1. Magnetic Travel Map

Dan Miller loves this magnetic world map with pins and says it is one of the best travel gifts for men.

One of the best gifts for avid travelers is a magnetic travel map. Photo: Dan Miller, TravelingDad


One of TravelingDad Dan Miller’s favorite travel gifts for men is the magnetic travel map he was gifted. He loves using it to as a world map checklist to track his travels. This is a cool gift for the uber-traveler or maybe someone who has dreams of global travel but hasn’t made the move just yet.  

2. Happyroom Hue Plus massager

This massager can even go in the car for long road trips, making it one of the best travel gifts for men.

This is hands down the best massager on the market. Photo:

This is hands down the best massager you will ever buy. It is designed to be able to take with you in the car so those long road trips won’t have the man in your life stiff for the entire vacation. It applies Shiatsu acupressure with optional heating and is ergonomically designed for your neck and shoulder. But it can also be used on your calves, back, and even belly. This is a travel gift for men that will change lives. Guaranteed. 

3. Samsung Gear VR

Check out the Sansung Gear VR to immerse yourself in a video. It is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Get into the video with the Samsung Gear. Photo: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

The Gear VR was something that really shocked me. I’d heard about this virtual reality device at a technology showcase and was amazed at how I immediately was immersed in the video. And it really did feel like I was not just watching something, but rather living it. I bought it for my husband for Christmas and we found out that it’s a really fun way for him to watch sports highlights!

4. Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell gives you peace of mind when away from home and is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Keep track of your home when you travel! Photo: Ring Video Doorbell

This is next-level technology for sure and can help keep your family protected while you are traveling. The Ring Video Doorbell wirelessly connects to a home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to the user’s smart phone when someone is at their door. If a package comes when you are traveling, you can see it! With the free Ring App, users can see an HD Video stream of the person at the door and speak to them using two-way audio communication. Ring Doorbell can even send an alert when someone rings the doorbell or when motion is detected. This product has helped to give my husband some peace of mind when he’s traveling and the kids and I are home alone.

5. Echo dot

He can transform the way he controls his home and music with the new Echo Dot making it one of the best travel gifts for men.

Transform the way you control your home with the Echo Dot! Photo:

The 2nd Generation Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to do pretty much whatever you want. You can play music, control smart home devices, make calls, get the latest news, set alarms, and so much more. It’s a great travel gift for men because it’s so small he can easily pack it on trips to bring with him. My husband likes using it to check his fantasy football roster each week.

6. Monster Hot Shot speaker

The Monster HotShot lets you play music where ever you go and is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Amazing sound in a small package! Photo: Monster Products

This is a small little portable speaker with huge sound. It has “touch to pair” Bluetooth pairing to make it super simple and it’s small enough to clip to a backpack, jacket or belt loop. He can take the music anywhere: the park, beach, hiking, cycling, or just chilling or grilling. He can even use it as a speakerphone for conference calls ​with digital echo cancellation and noise reduction.

7. Solo Arc Laptop Backpack


This Solo travel bag is one of the best travel gifts for men because it can fit and protect anything.

This backpack is perfect for any travel! Photo: Raphael Ocampo, TravelingDad

TravelingDad, Rapheal Ocampo, loves his Solo travel bag! This Arc Laptop backpack was made for professionals on the go. It is lightweight, durable, and can handle anyone’s busy day! The bag is equipped with a padded laptop section and multiple pockets for organization.

8. Lumix ZS60 Camera

The Lumix ZS60 is one of the best travel gifts for men because it takes fantastic photos and it small enough to not be a burden to carry.

The Lumix ZS60 is small enough to fit in a back pocket! Photo:

The Panasonic Lumix camera is one of the best travel gifts for men because it’s small, yet shoots impeccable photos. It has a resolution of 16 megapixels. Raphael Ocampo at loved its WiFi capability most. He writes, “The Lumix allows you to setup a network connection so that you can upload your best photos to your phone. Once you upload there you can post to social media or elsewhere to show off your skills.” My husband likes that he can fit it in his back pocket and not look like a goober.

9. ChargeHub X5 5-Port USB SuperCharger

The Chargehub X5 is one of the best travel gifts for men because it lets him charge five devices in one.

Let him charge all his devices at the same time! Photo: chargehub

You need to charge everything when you travel, right? So why not give the man in your life one of the best chargers on the market? The Charge Hub X5 has the ability to charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously. It features SmartSpeed Technology which provides optimal charge for virtually any USB device.

10. Polaroid PL 1300 RC Drone

Give the gift of fun with this drone. It is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Give the gift of fun! Photo: Poloroid

Sometimes men just want to be big boys when they travel. Give him the new Polaroid PL 1300 RC Drone so he can have some fun on his next trip (or anytime). It comes with built-in SD 480p video camera, records color video up to 6 minutes and has a 6 minute flight time. It can fly up to 100 feet high and in speeds up to 20 mph. One of the coolest things is that it has an “auto-return” feature so he doesn’t have to worry about losing it!

11. Allianz Travel Insurance

Travel is an adventure. And sometimes adventure go awry. When that happens, you want to have travel insurance. We love this annual policy for people who travel more than a couple times a year.

12. Globe Whiskey Decanter

Travel gifts for men - glove whiskey decanterTake a trip around the world as you rotate this Whiskey Decanter set on its axis. This is a great gift for a dad who works at an office all day, but wants to dream of world travels when he gets home!

13. Cool-it Caddy Men

The Cool It Caddy for men is one of the best travel gifts for men because it lets him keep snacks and drinks cool as he travels.

Keep drinks, snacks and medicine cool on the go! Photo: Cool it caddy

The Cool-It Caddy for men keeps snacks, medications, sunscreens and balms cool during a long trip, hot golf outing, or anywhere. It is a handsome bag but does not look like a purse! It features top opening access with zippered closure, side handle, and a fully insulated interior.

Travel gifts for men -- Eddie Bauer jacket

TravelingDad Paul Eisenberg shows off his Eddie Bauer jacket while waiting for his luggage. Photo: Paul Eisenberg

14.  Awesome Travel Jacket

Traveling Dad editorial director Paul Eisenberg recently told us he “felt like a boss on an ice-cold flight” because he never took off the Eddie Bauer Men’s CirrcusLite Down Jacket that that same day also served him during a chilly airport pickup in NYC as well as a brisk Florida evening hours later. A handy carry-sack, stowable in the jacket’s inside pocket, makes the jacket very portable and easily shovable into a carry-on or personal bag.

15. HP Sproket

The HP Sprocket is one of the best travel gifts for men because it lets them print photos on the go.

Print photos on the go! Photo: HP

A portable printer that fits in your pocket? Yes! The HP Sprocket is one of the hottest new tech products and it is a fantastic travel gift.  It prints 2×3 sticky-backed photos wirelessly in just seconds. Men who travel but leave all their photos on their phone will love this product!

16. SolSol charging hat

This solar charging hat will charge your cell phone making it one of the best travel gifts for men.

A hat charger? It’s here! Photo: SolSol

Technology meets fashion in this innovative gift. The SolSol hat uses solar energy absorbed by the panels in the brim to give you the power to charge your phone. Yes, it’s a hip hat that can keep your phone on 100. Awesome! This snapback hat is 100% cotton and adjustable and my brother-in-law says he gets tons of compliments!

17. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 wireless headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Let him look like a cool kid with the Beats Solo 3. Photo: Beats

Let the man in your life listen to music like the cool kids do! Beats’ most popular headphone has been redesigned from the inside out, making it one of the best travel gifts for men. They have updated and improved acoustics, the Solo3 lets you feel your music with a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity. This compact headset is foldable, light weight, durable, and more comfortable than ever.

Wet/dry bag travel gifts for men.

Wet and dry bags. Photo: Amazon

18. Wet and Dry Bags

“Real men use wet bags,” TravelingDad Paul Eisenberg recently told us apropos of nothing, but he was sincere about how useful the Travelon Wet and Dry Bags were for the “unspeakably disgusting” moist gym clothing he goes through while traveling. The nylon bag is a vast improvement over disposable gallon zip-top bags, Paul says, which are fine early in the trip, but by the time you head home “you want something sturdy for your wet unmentionables.”

19. Travel Alarm Clock. Really.

We asked Paul why he honestly still needed an alarm clock and he assured us other methods, from wake-up calls to smartphone and tablet alarm apps, have all failed him at one time or another. His pick for travel is the Seiko Get Up and Glow Travel Alarm Clock because “you can sort of figure it out without the manual and I can easily see the time without my reading glasses,” Paul suggests.

20. Pearson Farm Southern Praline Pecans

One of the best travel gifts for men is a container of gigantic, delicious pecans.

Gigantic pecans are the way to a man’s heart! Photo: Pearson Farm

Gigantic Georgia-grown pecans are going to be the way to your man’s heart. There are several different flavors to choose from and they are all delicious. These make a great protein-rich roadtrip snack. You might want to give this to yourself too.

21. Dynotag Savvy Traveler Starter Kit

Make sure he never loses anything again with the Dynotag Savvy Traveler Starter Kit, complete with a lifetime subsscription. The QR tags connect to a private web page and use passive GPS for tracking, so there’s no need for batteries. 

22. Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer

The best travel gifts for men include the Kangaroo, the smallest desktop computer!

This is the world’s smallest PC! Photo:

Technology should be seamless, simple and mobile. Kangaroo is all three. The world’s smallest PC can fit in your pocket, has Internet hotspot built-in, and can connect to any monitor, tablet or iPad for access to your desktop. And more than just a work PC, Kangaroo is also an entertainment PC because it connects it to any HDMI TV enabling Windows 10 on your television.

23. GoPro Hero

Travel gifts for men: GoPro

If you’ve got a gadget guy, the GoPro Hero is the gift he covets! It’s tough, waterproof and voice activated. Upgrade to a family bundle at get a 32-GB micro SD card and a poscket-size extension pole and tripod.

24. HP Envy Printer

Use this HP Envy printer to print photos from your travels, even when your still on them. This is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Print spectacular photos from anywhere! Photo: HP

This printer from HP prints photos for less than 5 cents per photo making it one of the most cost-effective travel gifts for men!  It features include print, scan, copy, borderless and wireless printing, and a SD card slot. It allows for mobile printing from your device such as iPhone with AirPrint, or print without a network using Wireless Direct printing. When the man in your life is traveling he can send photos (or anything else) direct to the printer at home. It’s a great way to stay connected!

25. AURA Digital Frame

The best digital frame on the market is a great gift for the man on your list.

The best digital frame on the market is a great gift for the man on your list. Photo: AURA

This product has been called the “Birkin of digital frames” because it is definitely next level luxury. The AURA frame touts the highest resolution of any digital frame. It also has a LCD screen and there is an an app that allows you to curate albums straight from your phone to your frame. This frame will allow the favorite man in your life to share his favorite travel photos direct to the frame. Or, he can take the photos with him and bring those great family shots to wherever he finds himself. 

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