100-Days-3D-400Every year I say I’m going to be more on top of things during the holiday season. I have every intention of getting Christmas cards out on time. And you know that part about not even a mouse stirring in “Twas the Night Before Christmas”? I vow it will be a reality in my life. This year I am exorcizing the ghost of Christmas procrastination that has me sending out Christmas cards just in time for Valentine’s Day and up the night before Christmas not only stirring, but wrapping what feels like mounds of gifts.

Enter 100 Days to Christmas by Jennifer Tankersley. Tankersley has made a list – in the form of an e-book – which you can check twice to prevent being naughty and stressed, and instead have a nice holiday.

The tips that Tankersley offers are simple ideas that are easy to incorporate into your life. For example, she suggests using a binder to keep track of activities, recipes, schedules and lists, many of which are available on the 100 Days to Christmas website.

The book isn’t only about Christmas. Tankersley acknowledges all of the other holidays and events that occur during these 100 days, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Advent, and includes ideas on how to enjoy these special days as well.

100 Days to Christmas can be downloaded onto your computer or to Kindle/Kindle App or Nook for $4.99. Don’t forget to like the 100 Days Facebook Page and share tips with others who are also counting down the days to Christmas.