After what felt like a much too long wait, summer is finally here. Summer evokes the smell of salty ocean air, the feeling of chilled beach sand between our toes on early morning walks, and the peace of waking without urgency. There truly is so much to love about summer and the travels that ensue. Since we travel a lot during these months, I utilize some simple yet savvy packing tips for summer travel so we can spend less time packing and more time making memories.

Savvy Summer Packing Tips for Summer Travel

The ease of summer travel is one of the things that makes packing a breeze; after all, everything is easier when flip flops, beach days, and warm weather compliment everything you do. Despite that, it is easy for the little things to add up and turn easy summer packing into one filled with so many extras that bags weigh as much as if we’re skiing in the mountains. Our children love to travel as much as we do and have now reached the age where they have their own desires, which seems to always result in a pile of random must have items that need to be packed ten minutes before departure. These tried and true summer packing tips with help reduce the frustration so everyone can focus on everything there is to enjoy about traveling throughout the warm summer months.

Carry Essentials in a Separate Bag

I carry one bag for our family when we travel via plane or car that has all of the must have and frequently used items. That way when anyone needs something, we are not digging through a dozen bags to find what we need. From charging cables to snacks and Kindles, they all go in one spot.

Toss in a Beach Bag

Summer travel means fun in the sun for our family and many others. When traveling, we pack a lightweight beach bag in our luggage so we know we have everything we need to be safe in the sun and can grab and go with ease even in a hotel room. Goggles, sunblock, cover ups and more go in a Ziploc bag for airplane travel to protect items in case they explode or leak from the pressure and then we simply toss it all in the beach bag when we arrive at our destination.

Pack a Beach Bag packing tips for summer travel

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Lifestyle TravelingMom


Perma Beach Bag

Living in southern California means we don’t have to travel far to enjoy the beach and sun. We keep a beach bag permanently packed in our hall closet with all of the essentials. Then when we want to head to the beach we grab a towel and sunglasses and out the door we go!

Pack Efficiently

I try and pack lightly and am slowly learning how to pack less and less. A key step in taking less is using space efficiently so we always roll, cube or bag our clothes. Each family member has a set of packing cubes that we can fit clothes and extras for a week in. By packing in cubes we can move stuff around, reorganize if we are over the weight limit for an airline, and repack quickly. Roll any extras and pack small items in Ziploc bags to stuff in the tiny spaces that are available.

Keep Shoes Separate

Sandals are a must for summer but guess what? They can stink, too! Keep all shoes in plastic bags for travel if you put them in the main compartment of your suitcase so they don’t make clothes smell.

How to pack lightly packing tips for summer travel

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Lifestyle TravelingMom

Maximize Sun and Swim

Sundresses are perfect for summer travel. Take advantage of them and save space as they pack in small spaces and they can be used as beach cover-ups as well. To take a sundress from day to night, pack a black and tan wrap for a versatile cover up for evenings out or dinner at your favorite restaurant and toss a simple necklace on with a pair of wedge sandals.

Thankfully swim trunks for men resemble chic beach casual shorts nowadays. Instead of packing a change of clothes for dinner, just pair them with a nice button down shirt and pair of nice driving shoes or flip flops for an updated look that minimizes the amount you need to pack. This is by far one of our favorite packing tips for summer.

Character Breakfast at Aulani - summer packing tips

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

Carry Ziploc Bags

We always pack a few large Ziploc bags wherever our travels take us. They are perfect for packing lotions and sprays that may leak, help us stay organized and are perfect for keeping souvenirs safe and sound on our return trip home.

By following a few simple and savvy summer packing tips, you can make your trip stress-free and even more amazing!