Packing Lists

Ask anyone about their favorite part of travel and chances are slim anyone will say “packing.” But it’s a required part of just about any trip. Our TravelingMom family travel experts understand that. To make the packing easier on all of us, we’ve taken our experience and put together a packing list for just about every type of family trip.

There is the ski packing list that will remind you to pack the googles (and explains why they are such an important part of a successful ski trip).

There’s the beach packing list that reminds you to take your sunscreen. And a Frisbee.

There’s the packing list for that first family vacation with a baby. And one for keeping teens entertained on a road trip. There’s a packing list for a family cruise and one for staying in a rental condo. There’s a list of just the essentials you never want to leave home without. There’s a packing list for long haul flights and a safety list for car trips.

Packing Tips Too

We’ve got great packing tips, too. We know how to pack light, but well. One shoe-obsessed Traveling Mom even knows how to pack a dozen pairs of shoes into a carryon. Really.

So stop back here before you next trip. Wherever you’re going, there’s a packing list for that. If you don’t find what you need here, visit our TravelingMom Facebook page and post your question there. Chances are good someone will know the answer. That’s because TravelingMom’s family travel experts have been there. We learned what works best for families and we’re ready to share that expertise with you.

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