If you had a child in the 1980s, you probably stuck a ‘baby on board’ sign in the rear window. A mom took this idea to its grotesque extension, smuggling her child in a carry on bag on a recent flight to France. It definitely ranks as one of the most bizarre ways to transport a child, but it is not the only bizarre thing that has ever been stowed in a carry on. Check out these not-so-normal things one Traveling Mom has packed.

A baby in a carry-on bag may be the boldest – and oddest.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

The news that a baby was found inside a carry on bag – on the flight – raises all sorts of questions.

First, how did the bag get through security? Did the woman give birth and then stick the baby in the bag?

Second, where was the bag? Under the seat? In the overhead compartment?

And third, what is the oddest thing you’ve bought in your carry on bag?


Bodily fluids? Yes, please

I would have to say the time I brought a vial of my own urine wins the carry-on bag prize for me. I was trying to get pregnant, and I had to pee at exactly the same time every day to test for – proteins in my urine? My ability to tell time and follow instructions? I don’t know what exactly this little exercise really accomplished, but a few months later, I did get pregnant.

Wooing My Husband

When I was dating my boyfriend, I decided to make cannolis for him. Neither of us is Italian, and he had never expressed much interest in the pastry, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. The thing about cannolis is, they need to be filled fresh to be truly spectacular. So I fried up some cannoli shells and made the pastry cream filling. Then I brought the whole thing in a giant bag, with ice packs for the cream. When the flight was delayed, I prevailed upon the flight attendants to refrigerate the cream and they actually did.

I Didn’t Do This, I Swear

What's the Strangest Thing You've Put in a Carry On Bag?My middle daughter took a high school trip to Paris and one of the girls on the trip brought along her – shall we say, “personal entertainment device.” And no, I am not talking about a DVD player. While she was storing the bag, it fell out and apparently turned itself on, writhing in the aisle to the delight of the high school boys.

Note: The baby in the carry on was unharmed and the mother, who was trying to smuggle the baby into the country, was arrested.