Did JetBlue make a mistake when it asked a woman to change her very skimpy outfit before boarding her flight? This TravelingMom doesn’t think a company should tell her what to wear to fly. And certainly the time has passed when people got dressed up before heading to the airport. However, this writer has a very good reason for covering herself up when she flies: The grossly dirty airplane (and airport) seats.

JetBlue Flyer Attire

It was just a month ago, that I wrote about JetBlue’s cool tribute to harried moms (and dads).

But now JetBlue is back in the news for an entirely negative reason: a woman was told she had to cover up her skimpy shorts before boarding a flight.

Before we get into the cries of misogyny and sexism, let me just say that even in my younger Daisy Dukes days, I would never have worn such a short leg covering on a flight. Perhaps this woman, a burlesque dancer named Maggie McMuffin, had not flown much and didn’t realize how disgusting it would be to have her bare flesh on those unclean airline seats. Or airport seats, for that matter.


The disgusting tray on my last flight (not, I should add, JetBlue). Credit: Judy Antell / Vegetarian TravelingMom


I don’t know. Maybe she was planning on pole dancing across the country, but once she got into her cramped seat, she likely would have had little opportunity to walk around the airplane and disrupt the other passengers.

Who hadn’t complained, I might add. No one had pointed out the woman as offending their family-friendly sensibilities, and why are shorts – in this case, much larger than a bikini – more offensive on an airplane than on the beach or at a pool? Did you cover your children’s eyes when they saw people in bathing suits? Has a catalog from Athlete never entered your home?


From the Athlete catalog; more revealing than the disputed outfit Jetblue found offensive.

But, let’s look at JetBlue’s follow up. They allowed her to board the plane, gave her a credit for the flight, got her there safely (so, yes, they provided her with free, safe transportation – and probably a bag of Terra Blues to boot) and apologized. Do we need to vilify the company further?

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