Today marks the launch of a new partnership between Marriott Hotels and TED talks. Both of these brands have strong interests in innovation and inspiration, but what does this partnership mean for guests?


Marriott hotels partner with TED talks to inspire travelers – Photo credit: Kimberly Tate / Active TravelingMom

Marriott and TED talks Partnership for Guests

Marriott hotels are a well-branded chain that speaks to the business traveler, and one of their brand focuses is to expand the mind of their traveling guests. Today they’re embarking on a partnership with TED to help inspire their guests to find new perspectives during their travels.

This is a multi-year, exclusive partnership that is driven behind the concept of melding the focus of TED talks for spreading ideas, and Marriott’s belief that travel is all about finding new ideas.

Last night I attended their launch event at the Seattle Marriott Bellevue, where we listened to two TED fellows give speeches on how curiosity helps expand the mind and trigger creative thinking.


Constance Hockaday, a San Fransisco artist, spoke of how her curiosity on seeing a unique floating vessel led her to build and create a floating hotel.

Kellee Santiago, a video game designer for Google, spoke about how curiosity of multiplayer video game worlds encouraged her to build one that embraced togetherness and environmentalism.

A few more of these TED Salon Series talks will be occurring. London is next and will discuss entrepreneurship. Dubai follows with a series about innovation. In 2017, both Bangkok and Santiago will feature TED travel talks.

But these salon series talks are not the focus of this partnership, it’s all about the everyday guest experience for Marriott in this partnership.

Beginning today, guests staying at a Marriott property will now have a special curated TED channel available to them on the TVs in their rooms. The content can also be accessed from the wifi landing page in the hotel public areas. This content will be curated around a central theme and will rotate quarterly, with the first theme being on curiosity.

There are more ideas and thoughts down the road, including short, 30-second inspirational video clips, all designed with the goal of inspiring travelers to look at something with a new perspective.

I see Marriott as a strong business brand, so this partnership seems like a great amenity for guests. As a business traveler myself, I like the idea of flipping on my hotel tv and being able to quickly find something useful and inspirational to listen to as I work or get ready for a meeting.

Are you a TED talks fan? Will you tune in the next time you stay at a Marriott?