Could this really happen? A plane full of people cheering when a baby on board cries? See how JetBlue tugs on the heartstrings for Mother’s Day; these fellow passengers weren’t monsters!

Now there's a reason to fly with babies.

JetBlue brings back the friendly skies. Credit: JetBlue

Baby on Board: a Reason to Cheer

Every mother knows that hairy eyeball she gets when she boards an airplane with an infant or a toddler. Or worse, when she gets to her middle seat with a lap child and is squished between two unsmiling travelers.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, JetBlue just ran a special #Flybabies promotion, offering everyone on the plane a discount when a baby cried.

No one actively tried to make the children cry. The long flight from JFK to California meant that a meltdown or two was inevitable. But fellow passengers cheering when a baby started screaming? Not so much.


This may not happen next time you fly, but just think: it could!


Although this was a special promotion, JetBlue offers families numerous benefits on a regular basis. JetBlue began a family-friendly mileage pooling program in 2014 where a family can share miles and reach an award ticket sooner, like when that screaming toddler is over age two and requires her own seat. Our family of five has spent quite a bit of money flying and a way to earn free flights faster is certainly a bonus.

Jetting Family Style

The airline has a few other family-friendly features, not to mention bigger and more comfortable seats than most economy sections. There are a number of really tasty snacks (my kids always go for the Terra Blues), free Wi-Fi and free DIRECTV. Unfortunately, you do have to pay for new release movies. One time, a flight we were on had a non-functioning entertainment system, and without any letter of complaint or scolding tweet from us,  JetBlue sent each of us a voucher for $50.

Now let’s see some dads take THEIR kids on a cross country flight. Alone.