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Thousands of people have beach and ocean vacations planned this summer.

We’re one of those families. Making plans for 3 separate North and South Carolina ocean outings over the next 2 months.

We’re headed to Topsail Beach in July and August. Only a few miles north of the recent North Carolina Shark Attacks in the area of Oak Island.

Several news reports including CNN have shared the current status of the two teens (one girl and one boy) who each lost a limb in the shark attacks. So far the reports are that they are doing well. The strangest part of the attacks are that they came on the same day on the same beach.

Now the question is, should we be worried about our travel plans this summer for the Carolina beaches?

According to George Burress from the Florida Museum of Natural History on average there are 50-70 global shark attacks per year. With only 3 deaths reported last year.

In North Carolina around 4 or 5 shark bites have been reported per year near beaches in the past 5 years.

“Considering the billions of hours we spend in the sea,” Mr. Burress said, “it’s clear that shark attacks aren’t common.”

The city of Oak Island flew helicopters over the beaches on Monday keeping watch while beaches were open. Tourists and beach combers enjoyed the sand but not in the water much.

Even with billions of hours in the sea and so few attacks each year… still pretty scary to think about these Shark Attacks in shallow waters so close to our planned vacation area. Would you change your travel plans??