Upgrading to Club Level at Grand Hyatt Washington is not only a VIP upgrade – it’s a money saver. On a recent visit to Washington DC, I took my family to the modern hotel and realized not only are most of the museums free, the location ideal, and the accommodations luxurious, but you can save some serious cash, too.

Grand Hyatt Washington

View of the gorgeous interior guest rooms from the lobby at Grand Hyatt Washington. Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

I’ll be the first to admit it: my family loves classy, luxurious hotels. The beds are always super clean and comfortable, the service is generally impeccable (except for the occasional glitch or two), and the amenities and locations never leave us wanting. Before I considered making a career out of traveling with my family, I never would have even considered that an upgrade to Club Level could be not only a step up in a hotel’s service level, but also a way to save me and my family money on meals and beverages. I was so wrong.

Grand Hyatt Washington- An Overview

The Grand Hyatt Washington is located in an ideal location in Washington, DC, only a few blocks from The National Mall and close to Chinatown and a ton of super hip stores. I’d never driven downtown Washington, D.C. before but have walked the area plenty of times so I knew where I was headed. In a nutshell? Even on a Friday afternoon in city proper traffic, I had no problems either with navigation or pulling into the lobby. Speaking of lobby, head to concierge at Lobby Level and ask for a walking map of the area. The hotel has created ones with not only landmarks, but time frames. I count the minutes it takes to walk somewhere and the map let me know it was only roughly 10 minutes to get to The National Mall. If you’re not keen on walking (especially at the end of a busy walking day!), the DC Metro has a stop connected to the hotel (look for the Red Line DC Metro Center).

Grand Hyatt Washington Amenities

Amenities include an indoor pool, free wifi, and valet parking. The valet parking with unlimited in and out privileges is pretty pricey but it’s D.C. so anywhere you park is going to be that way. It was nice to be able to hand the valet our keys and know he’d take care of our car. Speaking of lack of problems, we didn’t have any concerning the free wifi, either. If anything, once we were logged in we stayed logged in- even when moving about the hotel. LOVE that!

Grand Hyatt Washington

The best s’mores treats we’ve ever tried! Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Grand Hyatt Washington has its own in-house restaurant, Cure Bar & Bistro, and a private Starbucks with exclusive roasts. Although we didn’t try either, the chefs from Cure sent up to our room the most delicious s’mores treats we’d ever eaten. They were perfection on a plate.

Hotel Features

Grand Hyatt Washington

The pretty lobby area at Grand Hyatt Washington from the Grand Club Level. Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

The lobby? Ahh, the lobby. It’s airy and bright and we could immediately tell that the hotel has just received a major renovation. The property looks and smells new without looking out of place in the historical city. The hotel is built in a square-ish shape with each floor’s guest room path facing in so it looks like a small city when you’re inside and the art hanging from the ceiling is just gorgeous. At night it shines with red, white, and blue lights and is a fun spot to show the kids.

Grand Hyatt Washington

Grand Hyatt Washington Club Level king room with fun overhead lighting. Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Our Grand Club King Room was absolutely perfect for the three of us. We requested a rollaway bed for our teen daughter and she thought it was very comfortable. Grand Club Level is dedicated to the twelfth floor and requires a special key card to access (which my teen daughter loved!) via the elevator, making the floor not busy at all. The room had a nice-sized mini fridge with plenty of space, a small safe to store our valuables, and an awesome bathroom. Awesome? Yep, awesome. So much space and room to move around. The shower was a definite bonus and had really good water pressure.

Saving Cash with Grand Club Level

Grand Hyatt Washington

Nightly snacks and food offerings in Grand Club Level at Grand Hyatt Washington. Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

I did my research and learned that Grand Club Level in the Grand Hyatt Washington costs roughly $100 per night more than a traditional guest room. That might sound like a lot, but when you consider the cost of meals in Washington, D.C. (especially with both kids and adults in the same room), it’s not bad at all. Grand Club Level includes a complimentary giant breakfast, snacks, drinks, light appetizers at dinner (Truth? They are called that but we actually ate dinner there every night. Plenty of protein, seafood, veggies, fruit, and drinks.), and even a nightly dessert menu from 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. The only meals we didn’t eat at the hotel were two lunches and they were expensive. Any time during the day we could stop into the Grand Club and grab waters, snacks, and even make our own trail mix. The club has a Trail Mix Creation Station!

Grand Hyatt Washington

Photo credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

We toured the National Monuments and Smithsonian Museums from after breakfast to mid-afternoon and on average for the three of us, each lunch totaled around $60 and they weren’t extravagant at all. Hamburgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs with fountain drinks and coffee and sometimes a dessert.

Am I making sense, now?

Your next thought is probably, “Would she have stayed at the hotel even without Grand Club access?”

Grand Hyatt Washington
Absolutely. The hotel itself is so beautiful and the staff so friendly and helpful that I’d stay again in a second. I adored the location and how walkable the area is. I really loved the fact that the DC Metro connects to the hotel lobby- just in case we didn’t feel like walking.