Look, we all love our kids, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t steal a night or two away from them on occasion and head to a romantic destination, right? A recent visit to Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa in Sharon, PA allowed us to relax and reconnect in the comfort and beauty of a historical wonder.

Buhl Mansion

Buhl Mansion Grounds. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Full disclosure: My husband and I have visited Buhl Mansion in the past but, compliments of a stomach bug on his part, he really didn’t get to check out more of the property than the bed, poor guy. The staff was kind enough to have us back this summer and, to my absolute delight, we hopped in the car for just about an hour’s drive and headed to Sharon, PA- but this time all was well and there was no sickness in sight! Sharon is right around 75 minutes away from Pittsburgh proper, so it’s an easy drive to the cute city. 

Our first visit was during the winter (when the Christmas decorations were still up) and the mansion was just stunning. This time, we had the pristine grounds to look forward to walking through, the on-property greenhouse and, my favorite, a wedding was onsite.

What’s the Story on Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa?

Buhl Mansion

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa was once an eyesore of Sharon, PA and Mercer County, if you can believe it. In the mid-nineties, the property was renovated by a local family and turned into a luxurious bed and breakfast. The Spa area is in the basement along with a steam room and sauna (perfect for relaxing after dinner, which is exactly what we did. Man, I love a good steam room!). The upper two levels of the four-story guesthouse have 10 rooms, each decorated with a different theme but all keeping historically accurate from the late 19th century.

If you’re looking for romance, Buhl Mansion was named one of the “Top 10 Most Romantic Inns” (ILoveInns.com) and it’s super easy to see why.


A Relaxing Couple’s Getaway

With check-in at 3 p.m., we relaxed for an hour before heading down to Afternoon Tea on the main floor. Tea is very traditional, served in china cups, and the sweet, little snacks and sandwiches were the perfect mid-afternoon snack. We had a chance to chat with members of the staff and they were so sweet. They even poured our tea for us!

Buhl Mansion

Mr. Buhl’s Den. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Our guest room for the night was Mr. Buhl’s Den and my husband was very happy that its appointments weren’t overly girly. One of the largest guest rooms in the home, it was filled with dark furnishings, and rich, dark red and gold trim. The bathroom was definitely my favorite spot in our accommodations. It was massive! Each guest room has a spa tub (big enough for two), a separate shower, large vanity, and even a television. I loved sitting in the tub and looking out at the grounds, and the king-size feather bed was so comfy. There was plenty of room to relax.

We also had a working gas fireplace in our bedroom area which we didn’t use, but it was nice to know it was available for those chilly nights that hit our neck of the woods pretty frequently.

Buhl Mansion

Buhl Mansion grounds and flowers. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

After dinner on our own, we headed down to the Spa to check out the steam room and sauna. What a great way to relax! The two of us rarely get the opportunity to enjoy a steam, so – wrapped in towels – we took full advantage. The Spa does offers additional services (last time we visited I had a great French manicure and it last for weeks) including massages, nail care, and the like. In summer, wedding parties, whether staying on property or not, love to visit to get all dolled up for their special day, but as our stay was midweek, it was super quiet.

Buhl Mansion does offer a shuttle-style service to their sister property, Tara- A Country Inn, as they don’t serve dinner on-property, but they’ll happily make a reservation for you and provide free transportation. We have had the pleasure of dining at Tara’s restaurant, Stonewall’s Tavern, and loved every bite. The restaurant has a cool, themed Civil War vibe and the food was so delicious.

What’s Around?

Buhl Mansion

Buhl Park. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

What’s around? The quaint city of Sharon, PA and all it has to offer!

Here’s what I love about Sharon, PA: the small, Midwest town is still filled with mom and pop-type shops and restaurants. The city itself is super clean and highly walkable, too. Mr. Locke and I strolled down the city streets,  took fun photos of the art displays and did a little shopping. Okay, a lot of shopping. Reyer’s Shoe Store is massive and I walked away with five pairs of shoes. The Winner is also a gigantic department-style store that’s so big it needs a map!

For dinner, we ate at the Original Quaker Steak & Lube. The restaurant is known for its wings and fun side dishes including onion rings that come on an antenna. The atmosphere is really fun and the food was delicious.

If you’re into outdoor activities, Buhl Park will be right up your alley. Filled with tons of outdoor fun including hiking, walking, and exercise trails, a disc golf course that Mr. Locke cannot wait to check out on a return visit, outdoor swimming pool, and even a butterfly park and dog park.

Breakfast at Buhl

Breakfast at Buhl Mansion.Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Breakfast at Buhl Mansion.Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Breakfast can be served either in the main floor dining area or in your guest room (no extra charge!). Upon arrival, we received a menu to choose from and all we had to do was slip it under our door when it was all filled out. There were delicious choices on the menu including omelettes and oatmeal (I’m not a big eater in the morning so it was nice to have lighter options), pastries and sweet breads, and of course, tea and coffee. We had the chef pop in during our breakfast to make sure all was well. It was a delight to sit around with other guests in the sunny room.

In a Nutshell

Buhl Mansion

Buhl Mansion Afternoon Tea. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa is one of those places that we, as a couple, could keep visiting over and over again. The staff is impeccable, the guest rooms gorgeous, and it was so nice to simply relax and unwind.
There’s plenty of free valet parking, free wifi that never gave us one ounce of trouble, and plenty of televisions in the guest rooms, too. I would recommend a visit to Buhl Mansion Guesthouse & Spa for a couple’s getaway or girls getaway. Would I recommend it for children? Nope. There’s too many gorgeous decorations around that I’d be anxious the entire time wondering when they’d break. The in-house policy is no kids.

Buhl Mansion