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Before You Go: Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee IL Review with Tips

Just a few weeks after it opened, I checked out Gurnee’s Great Wolf Lodge with my 6-year-old, 9-year-old, my husband and my parents (gotta see if this place is good for everyone, right?). We’re waterpark affectionados, thinking nothing of the 3-hour drive to the Dells because we have a Kalahari craving. So we were so relieved when Great Wolf, which is just an hour outside of Chicago, is everything we need in a waterpark and more.

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Family Hotel Reviews

What makes a great family hotel? It might be an awesome kids’ club. Or a really great swimming pool. Or kid-sized robes hanging in the closet.

Certainly, all of those things add up to a great family hotel experience. But the real measure of what makes a great hotel for families is the way families are treated. Does the staff welcome your kids? Does the front desk clerk look them in the eye and ask what they need? And how do the other guests feel about your kids? Does the specter of your son skidding across the marble foyer elicit a warm smile? Or a cold sneer?

At TravelingMom, we’ve been there. We’ve stayed in high end resorts that knew how to treat kids (and their parents) with respect and a welcoming tone. And we’ve stayed in others that did neither.

What Makes a Great Family Hotel

Our family hotel reviews tell you what works for kids and what doesn’t. We tell you about the rooms, about the amenities and about the dining. We give you the scoop from a mom’s point of view. That means you can learn what you need to know—all of the important family details you aren’t likely to find in the marketing information on the hotel website.

Whether you’re interested in an all-inclusive Caribbean beach resort or an intimate bed and breakfast in a small town, our TravelingMom family travel experts share their experience so you can get a good idea of whether that property will be right for your family.

If you don’t find what you need here, visit our TravelingMom Facebook page and post your question there. Chances are good someone will know the answer. That’s because TravelingMom’s family travel experts have been there. We learned what works best for families. Here, we tell you what you need to know before you go to get the most out of your family hotel stay.

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