There’s so much happy excitement and anticipation when planning holiday travel. Traveling during the most wonderful time of the year can be fun and festive if you know how to travel smart.  There are easy ways to avoid the most common holiday travel challenges if you know what to look out for- and if you can keep a sense of humor.

PPG Place Pittsburgh holiday travel

No matter where you travel this holiday season, make sure to take down time and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/ Road Trip TravelingMom

Plan a Time to Leave – and then Leave Even Earlier

Coloring book holiday travel

You’re going to want to leave plenty of time to get to your destination during the busy holiday travel season. Play travel games and give prizes. Coloring books work for both kids and adults.

How many times have you turned on the news around the holidays and seen massive traffic jams in all of the major cities?  The easiest way to make it to your destination on time is to estimate how much time it should take you and then leave 30 minutes earlier. If you get lucky and don’t run into traffic, keep the kids busy with tried and true corny travel games like “I Spy” or Bingo and even pack a few wacky prizes in your travel bag to hand out to the winners.

Protect Your Trip with Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance offers a plan finder to help find a plan that is right for your trip.


You’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into your trip. Protect that investment with travel insurance. It should cost no more than 4-10% of your total trip cost- a small investment that can protect big ticket travel purchases with coverage and assistance for things like trip cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, and even illness of an immediate family member at home. It’s available for any vacation and trip type and Allianz Travel Insurance offers a plan finder to help find a plan that is right for your trip.

Take it Easy with the To-Do List

Premier Protein 30g Bars

Premier Protein 30g Bars are perfect for families on the go – and so easy to add to a travel bag.

Remember that vacations are a time to slow it down and enjoy.  A packed to-do list will only wear everyone out.  The key is to be flexible, plan downtime, and keep everyone well-fed. Hungry family members are not fun travelers.  Prepare snack bags ahead of time with healthy food items and high protein options to avoid grumbly bellies and cranky attitudes. Choices like veggie sticks, nuts, and protein bars like Premier Protein Bars not only pack easily but give everyone energy to their own snack bags lets you focus on the tasks at hand and keeps everyone happily fed.

Premier Protein bars are packed with 30g of protein and now have no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors and in my opinion, no weird after-taste. They keep our family going during a long day of travel, and with seven tasty flavors there’s  choices for any mood or craving. Have a family member that loves a good sweet and salty combo? Try the new Salted Caramel.

Keep Fido Happy is a great idea for folks that need pet sitting options for the holidays.

Pets are family members too and many folks love to bring them on vacation. Whether your pet travels with you or stays home, finding a trustworthy sitter is an important part of the travel plan. has over 65,000 loving sitters to choose from and you can book you can book someone locally in your neighborhood, communicate and pay via their app or website. Sitters can send Rover Cards and photos to pet parents with updates that will go sent straight to your phone and every stay or visit is insured.

Everyone Needs Restful Sleep. Even You.

iHome Zenergy sleep therapy speaker

iHome Zenergy sleep therapy speaker is the perfect tool to cancel out noise and use light therapy to align your internal clock.

Adventurous days call for restful evenings, but sleeping while traveling can sometimes be difficult. Strange noises, late hotel hallway conversations, or even just not being in your own bed can wreak havoc on your zzzs.  Pack the portable, rechargeable iHome Zenergy Sleep Therapy Speaker.  It is a sleep system with scientifically proven methods that cancel out noise and use light therapy to align your internal clock no matter where you’re traveling or staying. You’ll wake with increased energy and ready for your holiday vacation