West Virginia is both a wonderful place to live and visit. There is so much to see and explore in the beautiful and wild state. If you are planning a trip to West Virginia, make sure you have plenty of outdoor activities on your agenda to really get a taste of what the state has to offers its residents and visitors.

west virginia is a beautiful place to visit!

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If your family is anything like mine, being outdoors rules! My kids (four and two) love anything dealing with the woods. I’m proud to say that my two year old can hike a little over a mile on his tiny little legs before he starts lagging and gets put in the Kelty pack. One of the best things about living in West Virginia is its beauty. We are lucky to live near Coopers Rock State Park, a botanical garden and several rail trails.

There is so much for families in West Virginia

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Because this winter has seemed a lot more like spring or fall, we recently took a day trip to Coopers Rock and nearby Chestnut Ridge Park and were quickly reminded why we love this wonderful, wild state we call home!

Coopers Rock State Forest

At Coopers Rock, which legend says got its name from a fugitive who lived in the hills for years (and he was a Cooper and made wooden barrels way back when) the views will take your breath away. If you like hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing, you should visit this park. Camp sites are available and the park is open year round.

Chestnut Ridge Park

If you have small kids like I do, Chestnut Ridge Park is a go-to spot. Located next to Coopers Rock, the park has year-round on site camping with areas for both tents and RVs, a playground, hiking trails, ponds for catch and release fishing (at the park you do not need a license), free live music every Friday during the summer, a sled trail and hiking trails through the park and surrounding Coopers Rock State Forest.

Both parks are located 20 minutes north of Morgantown, WV, home to the West Virginia University Mountaineers who I’m told are pretty good at sports. Also nearby are great places like Kentuk Knob, Seven Springs Ski Resort, Pittsburgh, PA and more.

check out the amazing wild in West Virginia

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Don’t let West Virginia’s bad rap fool you. The people are great, the parks even better and the mountains will take your breath away.