JFK-tributeJFK is a cultural icon. He still embodies mystery, power, and the importance of looking good on TV. Jackie Kennedy set the standard for Presidential wives and the importance of being stylish but “real”. Together they created a White House culture that valued the arts. So, even though I wasn’t even a twinkle in my then kindergarten-aged mother’s eye when JFK was assasinated I was really excited about the opportunity to see the JFK Tribute in Ft. Worth the day after it was dedicated.

A man may die quote

Located across from the former Hotel Texas (now a Hilton and where JFK spent his last night), this open air tribute is located where JFK gave an impromptu speech in Ft. Worth before heading over to Dallas. Often in history we dwell on someone’s last moments so it was a breath of fresh air to see this inspiring memorial dedicated to such a happy occasion. JFK had come out into the rain and spontaneously addressed a crowd of Texans that had gathered to greet him.

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The city of Ft. Worth wanted Americans to remember him this way, as a President who would stand in the rain and address those who had gathered to see him. The tribute includes and 8 foot tall bronze statue of Kennedy and panels that contain quotes and pictures. If in the Ft. Worth area it is worth the trip to check it out and is easily accessible from the Convention Center if you’re in town on business.

(Note: I was a guest of the Ft. Worth Visitor’s Bureau on this trip. As always the opinions expressed are my own. I also posted about Pin-spirational shopping in Ft. Worth. )
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