Latourell-FallsLatourell Falls is a great place to go hiking with the family and see a beautiful waterfall. It is found along the Columbia Scenic Highway, 25 minutes east of Portland, Oregon.Once you’ve visited Crown Point this will be the first waterfall you come to on the right side. There is a signage and a good size parking lot you can park at. There are also lots of picnic tables. We usually enjoy lunch here before we start hiking the waterfalls.

At Latourell Falls there are two trails for hiking. The shortest and easiest hike takes you right down to the bottom of the waterfall. The path is wide and you could push an outdoor stroller on it if you need to. Once you are at the bottom of the fall you can decide to go further taking you to a green space or turn around. Either way you will have to turn around at some point. The longer hike is not good for strollers after a certain point. I’ve only taken it once and I’m pretty sure we got lost, so I cannot recommend taking it. It was very beautiful and we did find our way back with out a problem. If you do decide to do it triple check the map and be aware of the trail splitting.

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