CraterLakeSOOCWhat is your favorite National Park? Do you live near a National Park? And which park are you dying to see before well… you die? I live a hop, skip and a mountain away from Crater Lake National Park! It’s the only National Park in Oregon and it’s just about smack in the middle of the state.

The blue color of the lake is mesmerizing. The photo here is without any editing. It REALLY is THAT blue! The best time to see the park (in my opinion) is during late spring when there is still snow up around the rim. (Late May) The blues contrasting with the whites and deep greens make for a photographer’s dream and eye candy for all ages.

April 21-27th is Free National Park Week! Where will you take your family?


My dream is to see Glacier National Park on the border of Montana and Canada sometime very soon. There is a train up and through the park and my little boy would be in heaven to travel via train like that! (So would the rest of my family!)

Where are you dreaming of National Parking this year? There are over 400 to choose from! Let’s GO!

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