Developing a Taste for the Elite, for Free.

free things to do in New York City

Topiary outside the Rolex Central Park Horse Show. Credit: Judy Antell / Vegetarian TravelingMom

Your child can temporarily be a one percent-er, for free. It’s one of the coolest things to do in New York City this weekend: Let your child drive an electric mini Land Rover in Central Park. It’s all part of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show, September 26 and 27, 2015.

Land Rover, the official vehicle for the second-annual Central Park Horse Show, is offering kids a chance to drive the adventure course free both Saturday and Sunday. And though the horse show is a ticketed event, gates open at 9:30am for free equestrian demonstrations.

free in New York City

Kids can drive a mini Land Rover free in New York City this weekend. Credit: Land Rover USA

Children can drive the Kids’ Land Rover Adventure Course until 12:30pm. Sign-up is required at the ticket kiosk. Parents will also be required to sign a waiver allowing their children to ride.

Ring of Success

Kids get to ride the mini Land Rover in the same ring where equestrians compete. You might be able to inspire your children to stick with their schoolwork and sports so they can become elite in their field later in life. Or, you can just let them have fun and drive around.


Safety First

The mini electric Land Rovers  have limited speeds, not much faster than walking; kids are accompanied by a qualified instructor. Don’t worry about the vehicles going rogue; they are equipped with instant remote cut-off switches. Parents can watch (and film) the ride from a waiting area.

Showing off Horsepower

Land Rover is displaying the latest 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR model inside the competition arena, so be sure to check that out while you are at the show.