For those on a budget, there is plenty to do in Las Vegas that’s free and family-oriented.

MGM Grand Lion Habitat: To honor the lion and help safeguard its preservation for future generations, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has created a one-of-a-kind Lion Habitat as a showcase for public education and appreciation for this majestic creature of nature. The lion has been a part of the MGM heritage for many years, beginning with the legendary Leo, whose roars have welcomed generations of moviegoers to epics of the silver screen. The lions on an 8.5-acre ranch 12 miles from the MGM Grand.

Open 11am – 7pm daily.


Pirate Ship Battle: Each evening, witness a raging sea battle on Buccaneer Bay complete with exploding building, sinking ships and roaring cannon fire. Pirates battle the British Navy in Buccaneer Bay in front of the Treasure Island. Shows every hour on the hour from 4-10pm, weather permitting.

Volcano Fountain: The volcano at The Mirage has been a Las Vegas signature attraction since the resort opened in 1989, mesmerizing spectators with its thunderous, fiery display. The volcano, situated on three water-covered acres, is 54 feet high and circulates 119,000 gallons of water per minute. Show may be cancelled during times of high winds or inclement weather.

Bellagio Fountain Show: The Fountains of Bellagio were destined to romance your senses. Take in a Las Vegas show of water, music and light. Each dynamic performance from the Fountains collection is unique in its expression and interpretation.

Show Times:
Monday – Friday 3-8pm (show every 1/2 hour)
8pm-midnight (show every 15 minutes)
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: noon- 8pm (show every 1/2 hour)
8pm-midnight (show every 15 minutes)

Shows are subject to cancellation due to high winds

Fall of Atlantis Water ShowCaesars Palace Atlantis Water Show: The Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show, which is located near the Race for  Atlantis, is one of Vegas’ best free attractions. Animatronic figures fight for control of Atlantis in this exciting production. Also worth a look is the amazing salt water aquarium that comprises the show’s platform. You can watch as a diver feeds the tropical puffers, flounder, sharks and the rest of the aquarium’s inhabitants each day at 1:15 and 5:15 pm. A second staff person is present during feeding times to answer any questions you might have. Tours of the aquarium’s facilities are offered Monday – Friday at 3:15pm.

On the west end of the mall is the Festival Fountain Show where visitors  are entertained by the Greek gods Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Plutus in animatronic form, with a laser, water and light show.

Hours: Sunday– Thursday 11am–11pm; Fri – Sat, 11am–midnight

Bellagio Botanical Conservatory: Stroll among rare natural finds selected distinctively for Bellagio from all over the world. Admire the essence of every season recreated with exceptionally gorgeous plants, flowers and trees thoughtfully arranged to inspire full splendor. Specially designed lighting spotlights every flower to accentuate its best features. T
Hours: Open 7 days a week, 24 hours.

Circus Circus Carnival Midway: This Las Vegas hotel casino is all about having fun. The Carnival Midway features games, a circus stage and free daily performances starting at 11:00am.

Bellagio Botanical GardensMirage Aquarium:  A large aquarium located in the Mirage Hotel & Casino, this 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium is home to angelfish, puffer fish, tangs, sharks and other exotic sea creatures. The aquarium accommodates more than 1,000 coral-reef animals representing 60 species from Australia, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, the Red Sea, the Marshall Islands, the Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean. These sea animals were all selected for their adaptability to the environment and compatibility with other species. One of the most elaborate and technically advanced aquariums in the world, the tank is 53 feet long, eight feet from top to bottom, and six feet from front to back.