FountainThe McNamara terminal at Detroit‘s Metro Airport provides several free activities for families of all ages. Check out these five free activities the next time you’re stuck on a long layover at the airport.

1. Watch the Dancing Fountains.
At the end of the entrance corridor from security is a round water fountain. Stay for a few minutes and watch the water dance, jump and spray up from the fountain.

2. Ride the Tram.
The tram runs from one end of Concourse A to the other, with a stop in the middle. Hop on for a ride from one end to the other and get a bird’s eye view from above. (You may actually see birds as well, as they get trapped in the airport occasionally.)

DTW_A_Terminal3. Relax in the Lounge.
Near the fountains at the center of Concourse A is a seating area with big, comfy chairs, ottomans and severl potted plants. Sit for a while and watch the airplanes taxi, or just people watch.

4. Write on a Stone.
While you’re in the lounge area, check out the stones in the potted plants. Many of them have messages written on them–in several different languages. See what others have left behind, or write a message of your own.

5. Tour the Tunnel.
Between Concourses A and B is an underground tunner, which provides a light and sound experience. Step aboard the moving walkway and take in the audio-visual show.

Detroit’s McNamara terminal offers several free activities for passengers stuck at the airport–no matter your age.