nolaNew Orleans, Louisiana is a great getaway for an inexpensive family vacation. There are many cheap and free activities available. These are a few of our favorite free activities:

1. Take a walk down Decatur Street and watch the street performers. You can see gymnasts, dancers, and musicians.

2. Stop in at Aunt Sally’s Pralines and watch them make the tasty pralines. Grab a free sample while you are there!


french-market3. Wander through the French Market to see the different souvenirs you can buy. We brought home some plumeria plants a few years ago and they have grown several feet and the blooms are beautiful!

4. Stroll along the riverwalk. When you get to the Steamboat Natchez, find a bench or a patch of grass to sit on because the kids will become mesmerized as soon as the calliope begins to play. We sat here for twenty minutes before I could finally pull the kids away. Haven’t heard calliope music? Listen to some now!

5. Take a tour of the St. Louis Cathedral and then sit in the gardens and rest for a bit or eat a picnic lunch.