All aboard! The CP Holiday Train has been on the road since mid-November, but there are still plenty of dates left across Canada and the U.S. in December. The iconic train, in its 18th year, spreads joy with every awesome performance while collecting much-needed food donations. Join Indulgent TravelingMom Andrea Traynor in this wonderful family tradition.

CP Holiday Train December Schedule

(Photo credit: CP Rail)

We don’t get a lot of action in our sleepy little semi-rural region of Canada. But that all changes when the CP Holiday Train rolls into town each winter! If your local railway station is lucky enough to be on the CP Holiday Train December schedule for stops in Canada or the United States, wrap the kids up for the weather and get your spot at least an hour before the train arrives.

We love how the CP Holiday Train barrels into each station decorated with more lights than the Griswolds (à la the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” classic holiday movie) would know what to do with. Music blares, the whistle blows! And when it finally comes to a halt, the sides of a train car drops down to reveal a musical performance that wows the crowd.

Is the CP Holiday Train coming to my station?

(Photo credit: CP Rail)

There are two trains — one for Canada and one for the U.S. From today on, here’s where the CP Holiday Train will be in December:


  • 3: Manitoba (two stations)
  • 4: Manitoba (one station) and Saskatchewan (five stations)
  • 5: Saskatchewan (two stations)
  • 6: Saskatchewan (two stations) and Alberta (three stations)
  • 7: Alberta (six stations)
  • 8: Alberta (two stations)
  • 9: Alberta (four stations)
  • 10: Alberta (one station)
  • 11: No stops
  • 12: Alberta (four stations)
  • 13: British Columbia (two stations)
  • 14: British Columbia (four stations)
  • 15: Saskatchewan (three stations) and British Columbia (four stations)
  • 16: British Columbia (four stations)
  • 17: British Columbia (two stations)


  • 3: Iowa (four stations)
  • 4: Iowa (four stations) and Minnesota (one station)
  • 5: Illinois (one station) and Wisconsin (two stations)
  • 6: Wisconsin (four stations)
  • 7: Wisconsin (six stations)
  • 8: Minnesota (three stations)
  • 9: Minnesota (two stations)
  • 10: Minnesota (four stations)
  • 11: Minnesota (four stations)
  • 12: Minnesota (five stations)
  • 13: Minnesota (one station) and North Dakota (two stations)
  • 14: North Dakota (four stations)

Remember to bring a non-perishable food item (or three), and consider it the unofficial price of admission for this free event. Because you’re in for a treat.

Find out if the CP Holiday Train will be rolling into a train station near you. Here's the December 2016 schedule.

PIN THIS! (Photo credit: CP Rail)

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