rocket-launch-jupiterThe Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, offers paid tours and shuttle launch simulations but the rocket launches from the adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station can be viewed free by anyone in the central Florida region.  Head to the beach or a public park throughout 2013 and you can see one of the kid pleasing launches.

The Kennedy Space Center has the following scheduled rocket launches (some dates to be determined; check the website for updates):

March 14 – Atlas V/Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous satellite


March – Delta 4/Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft

May – Atlas V/GPS 2F-4 navigation satellite

June – Delta 4/Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft

June – Falcon 9/SpaceX SES 8 communications satellite

July – Atlas V/Mobile User Objective System satellite

August – Falcon 9/SpaceX Orbcomm communications satellites

September – Atlas V/Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite

September 30 – Falcon 9/SpaceX Third operational delivery mission to ISS

November 18 – Atlas V/Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission

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