Free Key WestJust 150 miles from Miami and a popular port stop for cruise lines, Key West is a fun, laid-back island that provides entertainment without breaking the bank. Key West can be a family destination, or just a trip for Mom and Dad. Regardless who visits the island, there are a great variety of attractions to enjoy.

Key West’s beautiful flowers and historical sites are just one way to visit Key West for free. Here are other ways to enjoy the island without spending a dime:

Sunset Festival in Mallory Square

Every night beginning an hour or so before sunset, street performers and vendors gather around Mallory Square. Vendors have carts, tables and other displays with unique Conch Republic souvenirs. Street performer use rope to section off their “stage.” Their shows include a flame eating man, an acrobat, a unicycle man, a religious preacher and others.


Depending on your interests, you may find yourself going from performance to performance as most are very entertaining. Each “show” lasts around 15 minutes. The performers push for tips (some push more than others).

Free Key WestSouthernmost Point

People love what they can’t have. For this reason the 90 Miles to Cuba spot in Key West is one of the most popular photo spots on the island. Since most of us still can’t visit Cuba, we enjoy the closest spot we can get to it! Bring your camera!

People Watching on Duval Street

No matter the time of day, grab a spot at a bar or restaurant with a view of Duvall Street and start looking. You will be impressed with the variety of tourists and locals walking down the block. There is something about Key West that brings out the fun in all. Be ready to cover the younger one’s eyes as it gets later into the night as things can get a little risqué!