Family-Activities-New-Haven-CTSome of the most inspirational and engaging art and discussion in the country take place during the annual International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven, Connecticut, June 16-30.

With over 80 percent of its programming free and open to the public, the International Festival of Arts & idea has become one of the most accessible art festivals in the Northeast. This year’s lineup of art, theater, dance and music events, including a dinosaur petting zoo, is shaping up to be another great weekend getaway or day trip option for families in the summer.

Highlights of the free family events include:

June 16-17, 3 and 5 p.m.
New Haven Green
Dinosaurs are coming to town! The artists of Australian theater and visual arts company ERTH have created awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to teeth-gnashing giants that live in a petting zoo like no other. These life-life dinosaurs come alive in an eye-popping, interactive performance that is fun and educational for all ages. After the show, audiences have the opportunity to pet and play with the dinosaurs.

June 16-17, 1-5 p.m.
New Haven Green
Imagine the ideal place to live, work and play, then join hundreds of other families in applying basic principles of design, urban planning, and sustainability to build a model city out of cardboard and recycled materials. Find inspiration and entertainment in music and storytelling throughout the afternoon. Boxes and art supplies will be provided.

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