Skiing is the No. 1 reason most people think about a family vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado. The mountain runs were perfect for our family of beginner to intermediate skiers. But there is so much to do in Breckenridge beyond skiing. The authentic mountain town at the base of the slopes sets this area apart from other nearby ski resorts. Here are some of our favorite reasons to visit Breckenridge beyond skiing, including new things to do in Breckenridge in the summer.

Breckenridge CO beyond Skiing

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10 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge Beyond Skiing

Breckenridge isn’t your average ski resort. Breck is an actual mountain town with a rich history that goes back to fur traders and gold mining — before skiing was even a thought. In addition to the ski resort, Breckenridge has a bona fide community, one that likes to have fun. That’s why there is so much to do in Breckenridge, Colorado, beyond skiing.

Breckenridge in Summer

My family and I spent a glorious month exploring this town and neighboring communities during a summer several years ago. It’s still one of our most talked about trips. Some of our favorite activities were mountain biking (go to mountain biking school first, it’s worth it), riding the alpine slide, and hiking. Breckenridge Ski Resort is debuting some additional outdoor activities this summer. Here’s a peek at what you can expect.

Expedition Zip Line Tour on Peak 7

Guests will spend two hours exploring the Peak 7 Ore Bucket area of Breckenridge Ski Resort by zipline. The course runs more than a mile on eight zip lines between 10 towers and a 200 foot long aerial bridge walk with stunning views of Summit County.

Exploring the historic charming town is one of the fun things to do in Breckenridge beyond skiing.

Exploring the historic charming town is one of the fun things to do in Breckenridge beyond skiing. Photo: Pixabay

Alpineer Challenge Course

Just steps away from the top of the Colorado SuperChair area at the base of Horseshoe Bowl, teens and adults will be able to pick their own paths through 16 different challenges from lightly swinging logs to shoe-to-rope balancing maneuvers.  The one-of-a-kind course blends in with the surrounding environment of the new Alpine Camp and offers shade for those who want to observe the fun.

Interpretive Trail with Animal Abilities and Story Stakes

Even your youngest traveler can enjoy this hike. Breckenridge Ski resort is introducing a new 0.75 mile hiking loop that takes guests on a journey of learning about Breck’s high-alpine environment, including animals, flora and fauna, mountain wetlands, impacts of the gold rush and additional history of the area. Story Stakes along the loop will provide photos, fun facts and interesting written descriptions to encourage a connection to the area while learning in a unique way.

Gold Summit Climbing Wall

My boys loved testing their skills on the rock wall at the Breckenridge Recreation Center. Now, summer travelers of all ability levels can test their skills on the different routes on the new permanent rock climbing wall at the top of the Colorado SuperChair at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. The 35 foot tall climbing wall, with 13 distinct routes has options for beginners to advanced climbers.

The Colorado mountains are the draw, but there is a lot to do in Breckenridge beyond skiing.

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Breckenridge Beyond Skiing: Special Winter Events

Snow Sculpture Championships

The International Snow Sculpture Championships is a three-week event in January. Snow artists from around the world come to Breckenridge to compete. The sculptures start as 12 foot tall, 20+ ton blocks of snow and are transformed into beautiful works of art using only hand tools. See workers stomp the snow into blocks the first week. Watch artists carve their sculptures the second week. And weather permitting, the sculptures remain on view for another week.

If you love the mountains, but don't love skiing, you need a day off the slopes, or you want to visit in summer, here are the reasons Breckenridge Colorado is the place to go!Ullr Fest

If you know anything about Vikings, you know they love to have a good time. There is no better place for a Viking to have fun than Ullr Fest in Downtown Breckenridge in January.

Grab your horned helmet and meet on Main Street for the Ullr Parade, followed by a Ullr town bonfire. The party continues with ice-skating and Ullr helmet decorating for kids. Join in. Or just watch the Ullympics where participants compete in events such as the frying pan toss, group ski racing and the ski boot relay.

Afterward, relax a little and take in a Breckenridge Bucks hockey game at the Steve C West Ice Arena.

Race of the Santas

Santa needs to get in shape for the long haul around the world. He does that by racing down Main Street Breckenridge with hundreds of folks dressed in his likeness.

Santa may be doing it for the health benefits, but others are in it for Ullr helmets and prize packs for top finishers. Others are just in it for the fun, walking, jogging or just skipping along at the back of the pack. Everyone from young to old is encouraged to come in costume. Proceeds benefit a local charity. Stay late and enjoy the lights throughout Downtown Breckenridge.

Things to do off the slopes in Breckenridge, CO

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Breckenridge Beyond Skiing: Community Fun


One of the many reasons I love Breck is that it’s not just a contrived ski resort; it’s a real working, breathing town with a history beyond snow. Learn about that history at the museum located in the Breckenridge Welcome Center, or on one of the many Breckenridge Heritage Alliance tours. In the wintertime, take a snowshoeing tour. We went on the Iowa Mine Trail hike because it had old mining equipment along the way that kept the little one interested and moving.

Our guide, Rick, is a retired plant manager from New Jersey, and a history buff. He told us stories of the area and the miners that worked the land. We got a peek into a miner’s boarding house, where we saw how the men lived before skiing was even a thought.

Rick also reminded me of what I adore about Breckenridge: the laid-back vibe. Rick forgot the waivers we needed to sign, so he just pulled out a piece of paper and had us sign it. I had to laugh thinking of all the lawyers I know in Atlanta who would have probably made him go back and get ‘official’ waivers with all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Carter Park Free Sledding Hill

The history hike was a little much for my youngest, but he perked up at the suggestion that we go sledding at the free sledding hill in town. Ask your rental company if it can supply sleds. If all else fails, purchase a few saucers at the City Market Downtown.

We met a family from Dallas, Texas, on the hill. They were just as excited to see snow as we Georgians were. As a full moon appeared creating a blue filter on the hill, and we packed our sleds to leave, a family of foxes came out to play. It was a storybook ending to a great day.

Things to do in Breckenridge CO beyond skiing

Photo by Carl Scofield for Go Breck.

Shopping in Breckenridge Colorado

My kids may not think this is fun, but I loved browsing the unique shops in downtown Breckenridge. My favorite is Marigold’s Farmhouse Funk and Junk. You never know what you’ll find there, or at Ole Man Berkin’s Bookstore. This local used bookstore is a bit off the beaten path, and a bit off in general, which is what I love. If you need a card to send to your ex who just broke up with you, this is the place to find it.

What is your favorite thing to do in Breckenridge beyond skiing?