0As the price to fly continues to rise, and the inconveniences rise, more and more people, and especially families, are turning back to the classic road trip.

My parents tell stories about when they were kids and the whole family packed up their bags, board games and snacks and piled into the car to spend weeks traveling across our great states. They look back on those trips as some of the best in their lives.

So live and let live, the traditional road trip! And while those driving across the country will make stops at beautiful state parks, exciting cities and all the special sites that each state has to offer, there are a lot of other fun and FREE attractions to see as you drive. Sometimes, finding these diamonds in the rough can be hard, so we are here to help.

Many major companies have factories all across the states, offering free or inexpensive tours. You can see how your favorite snack foods are made, home appliances or how your car is put together – from the first roll of steel, all the way to the first time the car is ever started.


Below is a list of just a few of General Motors’ greatest attractions from the East Coast all the way to the Mississippi. Visiting each of these GM locations is either free, or very affordable. GM has many more plants that often offer tours (ranging as far west as Dallas), depending on whether or not they are in the middle of launching a new vehicle or undergoing construction.

family-road-tripTonawanda Engine Plant in Buffalo, New York – FREE!
See how the engines of GM vehicles are made. The intricate process of building an engine is a truly unique experience to see.

Also visit in Buffalo – the majestic Niagara Falls.

Baltimore Transmission Plant in Baltimore, Maryland – FREE!
The Baltimore Transmission Plant boasts some of the most modern technology in engine building and is one of GM’s greenest and most environmentally friendly plants.

Also visit in Baltimore – Baltimore National Harbor.

Bowling Green Corvette Plant, Bowling Green, Kentucky – Only $7/person
One of America’s iconic vehicles, and one of the most visited manufacturing plants in the country. Seeing a Corvette being built is just as exciting as getting behind the wheel and driving one.

Fairfax Assembly & Stamping Plant, Kansas City, Kansas – FREE!
One of the only GM plants where you can see the full assembly process – from the first rolls of metal stamped into body panels, through the body shop, paint shop and into general assembly, where the car is started for the very first time.

Also visit in Kansas City – the famed BBQ scene, including Oklahoma Joe’s.

General Motors Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan – FREE!
Visit the General Motors Renaissance Center anytime and see where a lot of the magic happens. The Renaissance Center features displays of all of GM’s latest vehicles, as well as many shops and restaurants.

General Motors Heritage Center, Detroit, Michigan – By Reservation
Made up of approximately 600 cars and trucks, concept cars, and more, with significant race cars and milestone production vehicles. The GM Heritage Collection is ever-changing. New vehicles are constantly being obtained to fully represent GM’s product story of the past 100+ years.

Only a few hours from Detroit, make a detour on your road trip and visit Chicago. Get a taste of their famous Deep Dish Pizza and catch a baseball game at the famed Wrigley Field.

To plan out a road trip, complete with unique roadside attractions, local eateries and the best tourist attractions, check out: https://roadtrippers.com/.

Photos courtesy of GM.