Our Research TravelingMom has found 9 unique Easter Sunday sunrise services around the United States. From the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and Chimney Rock to man-made wonders like SeaWorld Orlando, here are a few of spots to celebrate Easter morning. All of them remind us that sometimes you have to step away from the traditional settings to learn and grow.

Photo Credit: PixaBay

Photo Credit: PixaBay

Ready or not, Easter Sunday is upon us. It somehow sneaks up on me year after year. Chances are you already know where you will attend Easter service this year. On the off chance that you are open to suggestions and in the area of one of these fantastic locations, below are 9 options for a unique Easter sunrise service!

The Grand Canyon has an Easter sunrise service on the rim of the Grand Canyon. This service has been happening since 1935. How amazing would it be to take in the Easter Sunday morning sunrise over the Grand Canyon?

There is an Easter sunrise service at Seaworld Orlando. It has been going on for many years, my family and I went when I was a child.  It was so amazing.

In Texas, you can attend an Easter sunrise service at the Palo Duro Canyon.

In Washington D.C. there is an Easter sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial. It should be even more beautiful this year with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.9 Totally Unique Easter Sunrise Services

In Asheville, North Carolina, there is a Easter sunrise service at Chimney Rock Park. What better way to start your Easter than with a beautiful view!

If you are close to Ocean City, Maryland you can head to the Oceanside Boardwalk for the yearly sunrise service.

Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, has a sunrise service that started in 1944 and has grown into the huge event that it is today.

At the summit of Bear Mountain in the Adirondacks, you can ring in Easter while being surrounded by beauty! 

The Bridger Bowl in Bozeman, Montana, hosts an Easter sunrise service every year.

Have you ever attended any of the services that are listed above? Which one appeals the most to you?