We all know that traveling with kids ain’t cheap. They like to eat. They need their own seat on a plane. They need their own ticket to get in. The costs can add up quickly. What’s the antidote to expensive travel with kids? No. Staying home is not the answer. The key is to find the fun but still free things to do wherever you go.

Free fun things to do in Arizona

Free things to do in Arizona: Hike Camelback Mountain for this priceless view. Photo courtesy of Judy Antell / Vegetarian TravelingMom

Free Fun Things to Do Everywhere

Every town, city, destination and locale has free things to do with kids. Even the world’s most expensive cities have free things to do. Take New York City, for example. Did you know that you can see a Shakespeare play for free in NYC? Yep. And that’s just one of the many free things to do in New York City.

We’re moms. We know how important it is to keep to a budget when you travel. So we have a map of the United States filled with free things to do with kids. Just click on the state you want to visit to see a listing of free things to do with kids.

And this month, the month when the USA celebrates its freedom, we’re celebrating freedom, too. Freedom from paying for everything. Freedom from breaking the bank when you travel. Freedom from worrying about the travel budget.

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#TMOMFree Instagram meme celebrating free fun things to do in America!

Putting the Free Back in Freedom

Every day this month we will highlight one city or region of the USA and tell you all about the free things to do there. From Boston to Atlanta, from Seattle to Panama City Beach, we’ll tell you about our favorite free things to do with kids.

If you can’t find a listing on our Free in the 50 States map for the town you plan to visit, you still can find free things to do there.

Here’s how. Before you go:

Check the destination’s visitors’ bureau website. Many of them list free or cheap things to do in their town.

Call the local chamber. Ask to talk with someone in the office who is a mom or dad. When you get that person on the phone, ask them how they save money around town with their kids. Ask them what are their favorite free things to do.

Check the website of your must-do attractions. Even world-class museums in large cities often have certain times during the week when admission is free.

Check your own memberships. Museums, zoos and attractions around the country have reciprocal arrangements for their members. Chances are the membership card that gets you into your local zoo or museum for free also will get you into a zoo or museum at your destination. (We have more information about this and other budget travel tips.)

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