It might not be a holiday that appears on the calendar, but Free Comic Book Day is a holiday that nerds look forward to each year. It’s always on the first Saturday of May and it’s a day when you can show up at your local comic shop and pick up free comics. You don’t need to do anything except be ready to go home with some great new stories to read.

Special Issues Just For Today

Free Comic Book Day

Comics galore! Photo credit: Nicole Wakelin / Nerdy TravelingMom

Over the years, Free Comic Book Day has become not just about free comics, but about celebrating all things nerd. People dress in costume and many stores host events with local artists and writers. If you’ve never checked out your local shop on Free Comic Book Day–or visited one when you were traveling–now’s your chance.

Comics are specially sent to stores by companies including DC and Marvel just for the occasion which makes some of them collectible. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so some people hit multiple stores to get them all.

This year, there are 50 titles so there’s something for every age group. You can head to your local comic shop with your whole family and everyone from mom and dad down to your little one just learning to read will find something to love.


Get Kids Reading

It’s great for kids because it encourages them to read and it does so with stories about heroes and friendship and the values we all hope to instill in our kids. You’d be surprised how a really good comic can pique a child’s curiosity and have them falling in love with reading.

Free Comic Book Day is happening now so make planes to head to your local game shop or comic store and get some free stuff!