The I95 road trip down the east coast to Florida can be seen as necessary evil or a fun excursion.  In true “We’ve been there” spirit the Traveling Moms have gathered a handy list of must try road trip snacks for the drive along I95.


7 Road Trip Snacks You Must Try Along I-95I have a love/hate relationship with the drive from the Mid-Atlantic to Florida. On one hand, it’s long, boring in parts, and did I mention long? On the other hand, there are plenty of great snacking options. More about that later.

The trip was a lot more pleasant this time thanks to the new Ford Explorer Platinum.  The Explorer features state of the art safety features like adaptive cruise control. You set it and the car slows down and speeds up based on the distance between cars on the highway. It took a bit of getting used to – the car felt “smarter” than me – but once I did the drive was so much less stressful!

And oh, did I mention that the Explorer Platinum has seats with not only heaters, but coolers and massage features? I didn’t even know butt coolers existed before I sat in the Platinum!  Add the comfy seats to the included Sirius/XM radio and voice activated, well, everything and the Explorer Platinum is one comfy ride.


Like I said, on the upside, some of my favorite eats are located along the I95 Corridor. I’m happy to share seven Traveling Mom faves.

7 I95 Road Trip Snacks You Must Try

Phillips Crab Soup at Maryland House

Maryland Crab Soup available at Maryland House. Image via Phillips Seafood.

Maryland Crab Soup available at Maryland House. Image via Phillips Seafood.

Travel plazas get a bad rap for industrial food to eat only in a pinch, but Maryland has really upped the game for I95 rest stops. Both Chesapeake House and Maryland House are recently remodeled and clean, but I give the nod to Maryland House because of local fave Phillips seafood.  As a Chesapeake Bay local, my general rule is “If you see crab soup on a menu in Maryland, order it”. Every restaurant’s version is unique and I’ve yet to have one I haven’t wanted to order again. Phillips’ version is slightly spicy and chock full of crabby goodness. And at only $7, it’s less than a greasy burger and fries. Tasty and cost effective? Yes, please!

North Carolina Cheerwine

Tween and Teen Traveling Mom Jenn Greene nominated Cheerwine, a North Carolina brewed cherry soda unique to the region.  Jenn reports “You can get it at almost any gas station once you hit North Carolina. It’s best in its original glass bottle!”

Bojangles Fried Chicken

Road trip expert Scotty Reiss of She Buys Cars recommends Bojangles in Pooler, Georgia (near Savannah). “Bojangles is a small NC-headquartered company but growing and expanding. It’s our all time favorite and always a must-stop for the best Cajun chicken and buttermilk biscuits ever.”  Also recommended are dirty rice, ham biscuits, chicken fried steak biscuits, boneless Cajun fried chicken, kids’ meals and grits. Honorable mention goes to regional chain Saxby’s for their fried chicken sliders.

i95 road trip

Forget coffee. Pop rocks in your limeade will perk ya right up! Photo by Dia Adams.

Sonic Slushes and Limeade

My kids start getting excited around Richmond, Virginia, when they start seeing signs for Sonic, America’s original drive in.  While you can eat there, for us it’s all about the drinks – slushes in every flavor imaginable with add-ins such as nerds and pop-rocks. For grownups who don’t want a sugar-bomb, I recommend the sugar-free limeade with mango or blackberry flavoring. Sonic gets bonus points for roller skating carhops!

Oreo Beignets from Harry’s in St. Augustine

Retro Traveling Mom Mary Moore reports “Harry’s in Saint Augustine is pretty amazing – it’s New Orleans cuisine and they have the best Oreo Beignets.” St. Augustine, Florida,  is a great stop for its historical sights but add Oreo Beignets? I’m in!

Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll

I’ve waxed nostalgic about Stuckey’s pecan logs and their role in our family’s travels. While not specific to I-95, as an east coaster I get excited when I start seeing Stuckey’s signs. Pecan logs are basically nut-wrapped taffy – very little nutritional value but wow are they tasty!

Fresh Fruit from Florida and Georgia Orchards

Road Trip Traveling Mom (who better?) Karyn Locke gives a shout-out to Georgia Peaches and I agree wholeheartedly. The trip through Georgia’s low country on I95 is unexpectedly scenic and a stop for peaches is a must-do. I’m a huge fan of citrus and grabbed an enormous bag of tangelos from D and G Orchards at Exit 298 near St. Augustine. After almost two weeks in the fridge they’re still as tasty as when they were picked. You can sample before you buy, which I really appreciate. The Florida Citrus Center in multiple locations along I95 is another good option with lots of variety.

What I95 road trip taste treats have we missed? Please share in the comments so we can try them on our next I95 road trip!