Sample team photo from “SurvivorBush: Blue Bayou” created by Victory Vacations’ own J. Pereira

Sample team photo from “SurvivorBush: Blue Bayou” created by Victory Vacations’ own J. Pereira

Is a one- or two-day obstacle course race not enough? Want to see how well you’d perform in a real-life “Survivor” competitive adventure game? Victory Vacations designs and hosts competitive adventure games that last up to seven days.

“We’re creating the ‘Alpha Ranger’ series and our first game will be called Alpha Ranger: Endure” says Brian Marron, chief executive of the newly formed company.

The game is an adaptation of the popular show “Survivor” but Marron is quick to point out that while this first game’s foundation is based on the show, its future games will be multi-faceted adventure games. “If we design and run them right, they may become popular new sports,” he said.

The team opted to create the first game similar to ‘Survivor’ because it’s a familiar concept and includes obstacle-like challenges throughout. “Obstacle Course Racers (OCR) will be intrigued by an experience that also challenges players’ minds and social skills,” says Marron.

In essence, Alpha Ranger: Endure is more like CBS’s “Amazing Race.” Part of the problem with a reality television show is that not all of us can ditch our lives, jobs, friends and families for more than 39 days to go out there and compete, so we don’t bother with the hassle of applying, says Marron. Alpha Ranger: Endure lets fans of these types of shows get off the couch and get into the game.

Competitive obstacle course races are growing in popularity. More than 1.5 million people competed in obstacle-style races in 2012, up from fewer than 50,000 in 2010, according to Marron. “People are paying between $65 and $205 for a four-hour experience,” he says. “What will these customers do when the challenge of obstacle racing gets repetitive or boring? Victory Vacations will be there to offer games that will challenge them over the course of seven days. The OCR [obstacle course racing] community makes up about half of our anticipated “early adopter” customer base.”

Many families are finding it appealing since several races encourage working together as a team to complete the obstacles. Wicked Wild Child’s race in Wisconsin is attracting families since children as young as 12 years old can participate. Our very own Marathon TravelingMom Lorraine Robertson recently competed in a Warrior Dash mud race and  offered tips on how to prepare if you’re thinking of competing in one.

What makes Alpha Ranger: Endure different, aside from the activities it’s planning, is that the competition takes place over a week as opposed to one day or a weekend.

According to Marron, the company is opening a new frontier in the travel industry, what it calls “competitive adventure travel,” which adds a taste of achievement to the active traveler’s experience.

Worried your body may not be able to sustain seven days? “I couldn’t see anyone but the most elite athletes doing a whole Tough Mudder every day for seven straight days,” Marron admits. “We would definitely be working on a smaller, more widely accessible scale, and would add some more complexity to the competitions, because a lot of people might find it boring just doing obstacles the whole time.”

The first “Alpha Ranger: Endure” game is being planned for March 2014 in the Tampa and Orlando, Florida, area. The organizers are using crowd-funding platform Indiegogo to pre-fund the first game. To stay in the loop until the campaign begins, visit their pre-launch page.