Photo by: Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

Losing weight, eating healthier and getting active top the list of most common New Year’s resolutions. Most of us start off the New Year strong but start to struggle after the excitement dies down. It can be even more challenging when we are on the road traveling for business or for a family vacation.

Here are 5 tips to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions on the road:

1. Stay Where You Can Play
Make sure to choose accommodations that have a fitness facility or one you access easily. If you’re a runner call ahead and make sure they have safe route suggestions so you can easily stick to your training plan.

2. Pack Healthy Snacks
You’re more likely to say no to unhealthy snacks if you’ve got healthy ones that you like to eat with you. If you can’t pack them make sure to purchase some when you get to your destination so you always have good choices available.

3. Put Working Out on Your Schedule
Add your workout plans to your itinerary just like it was a business meeting or doctor’s appointment for one of your children. Make it an important part of your day.

4. Write it and Recite it
Write your goal down, keep it with you and tell yourself what your striving for whenever you’re tempted to stray. Keeping your eyes on the prize is a powerful way to help you reach your goals.

5. Ask for Accountability
Choose someone who will provide positive motivation and support; and ask them to help keep you on track. Call, text or SKYPE with them when you need a nudge in the right direction; and to celebrate your success!