How to stay fit while traveling on business–not the demanding business leaders I was scheduled to meet with or the nerve-wracking presentations I had to make–was always my biggest challenge. I worried about having my stomach growl in the middle of a discussion. Or taking advantage of solo travel to stay up late and catch up on emails. The result was that I always returned home feeling tired, heavier and less fit than before I left.

Planning ahead to include quick workouts helped me stay fit when traveling.  For example, I got into the habit of requesting a hotel with an indoor pool. Instead of retreating to my hotel room after a long day and logging onto email, I would do some laps and water exercises to work my muscles after long periods of sitting and standing. The combined effect of the exercise and warm water helped me sleep better. I’d then wake up early, do 15 minutes of yoga, and get to work.  

Eating was a tougher problem for me. One of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t have time to eat and that I would arrive for a meeting starving (going three hours without food for me is a sacrifice!) I found myself grabbing “something quick” to hold me over during layovers, before boarding a train, or while driving to my next destination. I was eating multiple times during the day and I wasn’t always making the healthiest choices.


Traveling is tough on the mind and body. Our schedules change, we’re often in unfamiliar places, and we’re still juggling too many things. However, with some easy-to-implement tips and pre-planning, you can make staying fit a habit and be a saner, happier traveler on your next adventure.