Traveling moms share their tips for staying fit while traveling.

“Find opportunities to walk.  Ask for a hotel room on the top floor and take the stairs. If I have a rental car, I park it on the outer perimeter of the lot so I have to walk further to the hotel.  Every step makes a difference!”  – Nicoa Dunne

“I carry my exercise bands to use in the room and look for cable exercise programs to follow.  I also ‘run the stairs’ in my hotel for additional exercise. I also take long walks, which enables me to feel more like a tourist than business traveler – and the fresh air and exercise are the benefit. When in airports, I deliberately walk the concourses for exercise in between flights – it’s much better to walk around than to sit in an airline club or in the gate area.” – Angie O’Connor


Drinking plenty of water, juices, and eating fresh fruits is beneficial. I also found a cool Google gadget called Desktop Yoga. It reminds you to do a few simple stretching and breathing exercises.” – Surabhi Ahuja

“When I travel, I try to walk wherever I can versus taking a cab. Instead of spending time in the gym, I leave early so I can walk to a meeting. This way I see some of the city I’m in as well as get some exercise. “ – Megan Bettinger

“Because I often drove my car when I traveled, I used to schlep my golf clubs around with me and frequently found a driving range that was open in the evenings (with lights) during the spring, summer, and autumn. Not only did my golf improve, but I ate less and ‘turned’ more!” – Arlys Whitaker

“While waiting for colleagues or people I’m going to dine with, I take a walk around the hotel or use the stairs while exploring. I drink as much bottled water as possible. This helps if you are flying long distances with puffiness from sodium or jet lag. I try to eat light for meals where I’m on my own – fruit for breakfast or a turkey sandwich on wheat or multigrain bread for lunch saves a lot of calories you may want to use when you are dining out with the team. I also do calf raises while blow drying my hair or brushing my teeth or while taking a call in my hotel room. “ – Heather Aguirre