Photo courtesy of Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

What’s the secret to staying fit when traveling from one destination to another? According to Erin Kaese, editor at, a website dedicated to tips for healthy travel, the formula for staying fit on the go is nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

“When nutrition breaks down, everything else breaks down,” says Kaese. “Just look at what happens when we feed our kids too much sugar or give them one too many fast food meals. The same thing happens to us when we drive the rental car through a drive-through or get seduced by the scent of sugary muffins while waiting to board a flight.”

Plan Ahead for Healthier Travel

Kaese suggests planning ahead and packing an energy bar or nutritious snack, like you do in your kids’ backpacks. She also recommends scoping out healthier restaurants or grocery stores that offer salad bars before you head out. “We get a lot of people coming to our site to plan ahead for their meals,” she says.


Get Enough Sleep

This is such an important component of travel fitness. “To feel good, you need to get a good night’s sleep,” she says. A white noise maker can be a valuable travel companion, as can a comfort item from home.

Kaese shares a personal tip:  “I sometimes carry my own pillow case with me so I can sleep with something familiar.”



Photo courtesy of Judy Antell / Vegetarian TravelingMom

Packing the running shoes, Kaese warns, only shows your intention to workout. Actually putting them to use is what contributes to staying fit.

“It’s important that people know their preferred exercise mode and research what’s available at their destination before heading out the door,” she says. For example, if you like to walk, check ahead to find out if there is a walking trail.  If you prefer to swim, make sure there’s an indoor pool, preferably with lap lanes. If you’re into yoga, search for locations in the area that offer drop-in sessions.  “Yoga is becoming so popular we recently added studios to our listings,” she says.

When it comes to maintaining sanity through fitness, Kaese feels it comes down to this: Those who plan ahead balance life better. “Study after study shows that those who stay fit are more productive,” she says. “But you need to leverage your organizational skills, and plan for healthy eating, a good night’s rest, and a way to move your muscles while you’re away.”