The Shops at Crystals Las Vegas

The Shops at Crystals Las Vegas | Photo Credit: Stefanie Van Aken, Las Vegas TravelingMom

You can still keep a fitness routine in the heat of the summer in Las Vegas. Granted, it may not be the scenic outdoor hike you had in mind, but who wouldn’t want to get fit indoors with A/C, fabulous art pieces and designer shopping? No, it is not your typical trip to the mall, but an actual 60-minute indoor hike throughout the Aria Resort Las Vegas and City Center.

Begin your day at the Fitness Center at Aria Las Vegas, located at The Spa at Aria. There you will meet your hike guide, one of the personal trainers employed by the Aria Las Vegas. You will be given a bag containing a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Not to worry, the bag is actually not cumbersome at all during the hike. A brief dissertation about what to expect, then you are on your way.

Aria Las Vegas Art

Aria Las Vegas Art | Photo Credit: Stefanie Van Aken, Las Vegas TMOM

First up, a quick warm up and stretching while learning about the distinct art work in the North Valet lobby area, along with the water wall and the outdoor live sign that keeps guests thinking while waiting for the vehicle or entrance into Haze Nightclub.Back up the stairs, not the escalator, to continue on the hike.

Aria Las Vegas Outdoor Art

Aria Las Vegas Outdoor Art | Photo Credit: Stefanie Van AKen, Las Vegas TravelingMom

All throughout Aria, your guide will describe the details, the art pieces and some fun facts about the resort itself. The hike will lead you throughout the resort, then through the passageways to the Monte Carlo Resort, back to The Shops at the Crystals, and eventually back to Aria via the Convention Center.

Aria Hike Las Vegas

Aria Hike Las Vegas | Photo Credit: Stefanie Van Aken, Las Vegas TravelingMom

Along the way, there will be stops to do lunges and push-ups on the benches, sit-ups behind statues, and burpees in the by-ways. Dior, Louis and Tiffany will be your biggest motivator for some of these physical feats. And, don’t think this is an easy stroll through an art museum either. This hike is literally a hike, as you climb every public stairway possible, even the full flight of stairs in the Convention Center. The hike at Aria Las Vegas is no joke. The levels can be altered to be as challenging or as mild as you prefer, and the trainer will work with you to meet the fitness level you desire.

What is great about the hike at Aria?

  • Indoors to escape the Las Vegas summer heat
  • 60-minutes of exercise and culture
  • Opportunity to get to learn more about the art work installations throughout Aria Las Vegas, The Shops at Crystals and the City Center
  • Do it alone, or with your family! Make all arrangements through the Fitness Center at The Spa at Aria

Things to keep in mind:

  • Call ahead to schedule your indoor hike 702.590.9600
  • 60-minutes of walking, climbing and some work out sets like sit-ups, push-ups, lunges
  • Though the hike is mostly indoor, there is some outdoor walking as well
  • There are small lockers available to keep personal belongings
  • Bring your smart phone to document your trip!
  • You do not have to be a hotel guest to book the hike
  • Hike will cost $50 per person. There may be group rates available.