Ever heard of a Warrior Dash? Or a Spartan Race? Or maybe a good old fashioned Mud Run? Yeah pretty much that’s what this is. Insert 13 Obstacles dotted through a 5K race course including at least one giant vat of a huge Mud Hole and that— my friends is the Warrior Dash. We ran it last year in Charlotte, NC with no warning or any clue what it would be like.

Let me SHOW you what a Warrior Dash is!

Photo by Carissa Rogers via the Panasonic Wearable A500 Camera (POV)

Photo by Carissa Rogers via the Panasonic Wearable A500 Camera (POV)

This year we came prepared.

Even if you are a fast runner… maybe you can run a 5 K in under 30 minutes? (And if you can I bow to you.)

With 13 obstacles and a crowd of people trying to climb under, over and THROUGH giant muddy lakes, this will take at least an hour to get through.

There ARE faster ‘competitive’ heats earlier in the morning, but really, who wants to get up at 6AM for a competitive race when it’s SO much more fun to gather a team together and do it GoodNCrazy style?!

{INSIDE TIP: When you register for the Warrior Dash, you must choose a start time, however we’ve found that they are very lax about who runs when… So don’t worry if forced to register late in the heat of the day, you can show up earlier than your time and get started. Our favorite start time is 9:30AM.}

The video is edited down to about 9 minutes long. We were easily able to capture close to 30 minutes of video with the Panasonic A500, with more room on the card and plenty of battery life. Even the HUGE muddy slide-in lake at the end was no match for the rugged A500. Did you know? The A500 is waterproof (and mudproof!) and they say you can run over it in a car? Not that I plan on trying it.

7 Tips to make the most of your Local Warrior Dash Mud Run:

1. Use a POV camera to catch all the crazy & good fun during the race. #PanasonicAdventure provided the A500 to me at no cost to use and get as messy as I know how.

photo credit Carissa Rogers

photo credit Carissa Rogers

2. Bring extra non-runners as well. They will be your camera crew at the end for all the fun MESSY photos and will be able to help with all the gear. Although there is a bag check at the front of the race.

3. Wear a swimsuit. For women a Speedo one piece suit helps keep the mud out of all the… places, if ya know what I mean. You are able to hose down after the race, but it goes much faster if you can strip down to a swimsuit quick.

4. Goes without saying, but wear old shoes for this. As a bonus Warrior Dash collects any shoes you don’t want after the race and donates them to needy feets.

5. Bring flip flops and keep them with your gear for directly after the race, you are going to want to take off your nasty shoes right away.

6. Pack a change of clothes and a large blanket to act as a changing station. We walk back to our car and use the rear hatch as a partial changing area. If you’ve got a pop-up tent or changing tent, you win! There are port-a-potties on site, but yeah… not so good for changing clothes.

7. Make a picnic out of it all! We stop for Subway sandwiches before the race and bring in a cooler with drinks and ice to hold the sandwiches. Once cleaned up and changed, you’ll be grateful for a refueling lunch.

What are you waiting for? There’s a Warrior Dash in your neighborhood! {2015/16 Dates}

warrior dash race dates 2015

Thinking about a Destination Race? Planning your Travel around Running? Here are great tips for choosing destination races. Cost of the Warrior Dash is around $50.

You can find Groupon deals and other discounts, but the races fill up so don’t wait. Go a little crazy… Grown ups don’t get to PLAY these days. Make your own fun!