Photo Credit: Dana Zucker/Triathlon Traveling Mom

This year, our twins graduate from high school. Being a traveling family, we fully believe that world travel is an important part of education. Gaining a full understanding of the world around us not only helps make us who we are, but who we hope to become. So, we decided that the twins should travel to Europe and India by themselves this summer. Unfortunately, while this is a great opportunity for them, it means I won’t get to see them for a long period of time.

We have pretty much taken the kids with us on most trips, with an occasional getaway for myself and David. But those trips are becoming a rarity. So, I had the brilliant idea of combining a triathlon, which David still needed to schedule, with their graduation trip, for a fun family summer vacation.


Photo Credit: Sherry Wernicke/Triathlon Traveling Mom


As luck would have it, some of the world’s best triathlons are in a few of the cities/countries the twins will be traveling through, such as Austria and Switzerland. Being the planner of both the graduation gift and my husband’s triathlon schedule, I will be able to place all of us in the same city at the same time. Call me selfish, but no matter how important we believe the twins trip alone is, the thought of them being gone all summer and then off to college, does not make me happy. So, a triathlon in Europe seems to be the perfect solution.

European triathlons are wonderful for late planners, with many summer races still open for registration. In the States, most races sell out a year prior, along with the best hotels, making planning a year in advance a must. Not to mention, this gives me a believable explanation to the twins as to why we are meeting up with them. The other wonderful thing about triathlons in Europe is the ease of travel between cities.  We can remain flexible in terms of which race we decide to do, based on the kids schedule.


Photo Credit: Dana Zucker/Triathlon Traveling Mom

While I hope the twins won’t be too upset to find out that mom and dad just happen to be in the same city at the same time, I think I know how to make it all better. After backpacking, hostel living, and a set food budget, I am 100% sure two nights in a luxury hotel room, fine dining, and a hot bath will be much appreciated.

So, to all those high school graduates out there off for a summer adventure, if Mom and Dad just happen to invade your vacation for a great reason like dad’s triathlon, I say take advantage! Enjoy a long hot bath, fluffy robe, comfy bed, and delicious food. That next hostel is right around the corner and the rest of your adventure soon awaits!