FoamFestLRPlaying in the mud, getting splashed with paint, lighting up the night or getting chased by zombies all add a little excitement to the typical 5K race. Fun runs are all the rage and a great way to get newbies involved in running; or to give veteran runners a change of pace. Most fun runs remove the pressure of the race day clock and offer a great way for girlfriends to get together and have – fun! While many of these races are held year round, the summer is the perfect time to get a little wet, dirty or all dressed up. Here are 5 Fun Runs to try this summer:ProductReview

The Electric Run, 5K
I just did this one in Atlanta and it was a blast – even though it rained. Music, entertainment, and lots of lights make this run SHINE.
Upcoming summer cities include: Los Angeles, St. Paul, and Des Moines

ElectricRunLRThe Color Run, 5K
Put on your summer white and three miles later you’re covered with color. Sounds like fun to me! I have yet to do this race but I’ve got it on my list.
Upcoming summer cities include: Omaha, Racine, and Orange Beach

Pretty Muddy, 5K
I’ve gotten dirty before, but I’ve never been “Pretty Muddy.” I’ve signed on as one of their bloggers and can’t wait to take on this gals only fun run when they come to Atlanta in the fall.
Upcoming summer cities include: Dallas, Sacramento, and Chicago


5K Foam Fest
Foam, mud, and fun slip and slide obstacles. I took this challenge this spring and I’m still smiling from the fun.
Upcoming summer cities include: Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh

The Zombie Run, 5K

Want to get chased by brain-eating Zombies? I’m a scaredy-cat but this still looks like a good-time to me. Too bad it’s not timed or I probably would get a PR.
Upcoming summer cities include: Atlanta, New Orleans, and St. Louis


Most of the races have additional summer dates so make sure to check their websites for details.

Until next time, I’m off and running …

Lorraine Robertson is an author, nationally published freelance writer and creator of the site After three marathons, 13 half marathons and countless smaller races she’s still packing her running shoes and looking for her next great race. Lorraine was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Great Cruises: Why Not The Mediterranean?” television show and her life-changing wedding appeared on TLC’s “A Wedding Story.” She lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband, Napoleon and their kids, Miles, 11, and Milan, 9.

The third photo is courtesy of the Zombie Run.