Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson / Marathon TravelingMom

Ahh, the beach. The perfect place for summertime family fun – and exercise. Yes, exercise! While I love to find a quiet spot on the sand, lie back and pretend like I don’t know anyone; I also like to get up and get moving when I’m on vacation. And, get my family moving, too. This summer we’re road tripping to the Florida Gulf to spend five days relaxing at the beach and I’m already planning ways to make sure we stay active and get our exercise on while we’re there.

If your family is anything like mine they’ll scatter at the idea of working out. It’s easier to get your family to exercise if you don’t tell them that’s what they’re doing.  There are so many great ways to maximize the beach and all of its natural elements, here are four family fun exercise ideas to get you started:

1.  Play games and hold friendly family competitions. 


Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson /Marathon TravelingMom

The beach is an awesome place to hold your own mini-family Olympics. Swim races, play water games – “Marco! Polo!” – run relay races, play beach volleyball, do gymnastics on the sand or in the water – the opportunities are endless. Get creative and have some fun.

Big surprise that running is one of my favorite activities. Even non-runners enjoy the view of a sunrise or sunset beach-side stroll.

2. Hit the tennis courts.

Most resorts, hotels and beach vacation rentals offer tennis facilities. Take a family lesson together or play a few games guys against girls; or even better – kids against parents.

3. Have a dance contest. 

Play some tunes on the beach or pop in the kids’ dance video games and show them that Mama has moves.

4. Indulge in the water activities. Swim, scuba, snorkel, windsurf, jet-ski – all of these water activities definitely count as exercise and I’m willing to bet your family will line-up to take part in the fun.


Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson /Marathon TravelingMom